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The overwhelming majority of motor vehicle accidents involving cars, semi-trucks, buses and motorcycles are preventable and should never have happened. When drivers and commercial vehicle operators fail to live up to the legal standards expected of them, people get injured and fatalities occur. We are here to change these patterns.
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Accident Prevention for All Types of Vehicles

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Truck Accident Prevention - Isaacs & Isaacs
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Promoting Safer Driving for Fewer Accidents

The accident prevention resources you will find here exist to:

  • Change patterns of negligence that cause auto accidents
  • Lower the overall national accident rate
  • Educate drivers about auto accident safety and when lawsuits become a reality
  • Provide a space for experienced drivers to share their important perspectives on driving and keeping our roads safe

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Car Accident Prevention - Isaacs & Isaacs
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Bus Accident Prevention - Isaacs & Isaacs
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Motorcycle Accident Prevention - Isaacs & Isaacs
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