Amanda Isaacs Sings on The Sound Show 2 Season 4

Time To Vote! Amanda Isaacs Now In Top 8 On The Sound

Amanda Isaacs, daughter of “The Hammer” himself, has now advanced to the top 8 spots on the widely televised singing competition, The Sound. We were already thrilled at the top 15. But now the team here at Isaacs and Isaacs is over the moon to announce that Amanda made it to the top 8 and certainly has our votes for this next round. We are so excited to see her propel ahead in this spirited competition.

Watch Amanda’s Exit Interview The Sound Show 2 Season 4

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Coach Lesley McFerron & Singer Amanda Isaacs On The Sound

Our enthusiam is higher than ever for this young Kentucky gal!
Let’s get Amanda into the next round of top 7!

Get To Know Amanda! A Fun & Up Close Interview


It’s always thrilling to see young talent emerge on such an impressive national stage. We are here to encourage that talent in a big way! This is great fun for all of us here at the Isaacs and Isaacs firm and a major boost of positive energy. Sing your heart our Amanda! We are rooting you on.

“This is an exciting event for my daughter, our family, and really our whole team here at Isaacs & Issacs. We’re just super proud of Amanda, and wow, that voice! And now she’s sharing it with the world in this great competition and beyond. Vote for Amanda everyone. Thanks!” – Darryl Isaacs

About The Sound TV Show

Watch Amanda’s Audition Performance For The Sound

Let’s Get Amanda To The Top 7! Vote Below!

Your chance to vote is below, and it’s means all the difference! Thank you again for rooting on the vocal talents of Amanda Isaacs!

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Go Amanda, Go!

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