Walter Hawkins - Isaacs & Isaacs

Education: Graduated from the University of Louisville in 1993 and Salmon P. Chase College of Law in 1996.

Professional Memberships: Kentucky Bar Association, Kentucky Justice Association (Past Member of Board of Governors)

Areas of Practice: Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

Legal Background: Practiced Personal Injury law and tried cases in state and federal court since graduating from law school in 1996. Came to Isaacs & Isaacs from Hawkins Law Office in Bowling Green, Kentucky, his own firm, that opened in 2007.

The National Trial Lawyers Top 100

🗂 What types of case do you typically handle?

I typically handle Personal injury cases, usually associated with:

📝 What is one thing that you want clients to know about you?

I enjoy baseball and following the Chicago Cubs.

💼 Can you discuss one case that you have handled at I & I that really stands out to you?

A young lady, a nurse, came upon a collision scene. She pulled over, got out of her car, and began walking to help those who were injured when she was struck by a car and suffered serious injuries that led to surgery.

We were able to help her obtain settlements that helped get her life back together.

🏛 What law school did you go to?

I graduated from the Salmon P. Chase College of Law.

🌎 What state(s) are you licensed to practice law?

In Both Kentucky & Ohio

🗓 What year did you receive your licence to practice law?

Been licensed since 1996.