Truckers Talk: Truck Driving vs. Other Jobs

Is Truck Driving All That Different?

We interviewed professional truckers to hear directly from them on the questions that prompt the most curiosity. Are you considering truck driving as a career? Perhaps you have a unique veteran perspective of the road? All motorists can benefit by hearing directly from these industry pros. Here’s our latest video episode of Straight From The Trucker.

In our video interviews with truck drivers, we asked:

How Is Trucking Different From Jobs You’ve Had Before?

Truckers Get Their Say About the Job

Truck drivers have one serious gig on their hands and the truckers that handle these vehicles have plenty to say about why they love it, why it’s difficult and even their biggest trucker pet peeves.

Here were the most common answers we got for how truck driving is different from any other job:

Trucking Is Serious

Trucking Is Serious

I’m driving a huge piece of equipment that can potentially kill people. So it’s a huge responsibility and the safer I am, the safer those people around me.
– Warren


Trucking Can Be Stressful

Trucking Can Be Stressful
A lot of stress on the road. People don’t give a lot of courtesies on the road like they used to. – George

Trucking Provides More Freedom

Trucking Provides More Freedom

First of all you don’t punch in a clock. You don’t have anyone hovering over you all day. But then again, you’ve got to be on the road all the time. – Johnny

Truckers Get Their Say About the Job

The Big Picture: Truck Drivers Are Not All That Different

Bethany, a third-generation trucker who runs One Girl Trucking brilliantly set down not just the differences of trucking from other jobs, but the substance that connects truck drivers with everyone else out there on the road:

Truck Drivers Are Not All That DifferentTruckers have the same interests and lifestyles as the people who work a typical, 40-hour week. We own homes, (pretty comfortable ones too!), hot rods and Harley-Davidsons, as well as horses, chickens and llamas. We grow gardens in the summer and harvest for the winter. We sew quilts and knit. We build buildings and work on engines. We love to go boating and fishing. We fiercely love our families, our lives and the careers we’ve chosen to pursue. Just…like…you.

Have more to say about the trucking life?

We’d love to hear perspectives from current and retired truckers. Have something to add? A question you’d like other motorists on the road to consider regarding the trucking life? Reach out and contact us today and be sure to reference the trucker video series when doing so.

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