They’re Young. They’re Fresh. Dangerous For Trucking?

In an effort to boost the number of drivers in demand for the trucking industry, last month three US Senators introduced a bill that would provide a pathway for young drivers under 21 years of age to drive large semi trucks and commercial vehicles across state lines. National tractor trailer accident lawyer Darryl Isaacs -- The Hammer -- who ... Continue Reading

Tennessee Truck & Pedestrian Accident – Interview With The Hammer

As reported by Fox 13 Memphis, on August 6, 2018 a young man was hit by a box truck while crossing a major Tennessee road. The victim, 20 year old Alandis Fifer, later passed away from the injuries. It was reported that Fifer did not use a crosswalk, and that the driver of the truck did not see Fifer until it was too late. We reached national ... Continue Reading

Isaacs & Isaacs Weighs In On $101 Million Truck Accident Case

Jury Returns a Massive Verdict in Tractor Trailer Accident Case A Texas jury has awarded $101 million in damages in what appears to be the largest verdict ever in a truck accident lawsuit. The parties in the case included plaintiff and injured Avinger, TX resident Joshua Patterson and defendants, FTS International Services of Fort Worth and truck ... Continue Reading

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