Car Accident Checklist For Glovebox

Auto Accident Checklist:

Do These 8 Things After a Collision

  1. Stay at the scene
  2. Call 911 for help
  3. Call the police if there’s property damage
  4. Get info from the other drivers
  5. Get names and contact info from any witnesses
  6. Take pictures and videos
  7. Do not discuss responsibility for the collision
  8. Speak to a car accident lawyer ASAP


Prepare For the Unexpected

Vehicle checklist: Download & print for your car

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Car crashes are violent and scary. Typically with no time to think or process the accident, you may be in shock, may not realize the extent of your injuries and most likely will not be in a frame of mind to make solid judgments and important decisions.

This car accident checklist, which you can download and print at the top of this page, includes actions to take immediately after a car accident to:

  • Stay as safe as possible
  • Get emergency help for yourself and others at the scene of the crash
  • Protect your car accident insurance claim

Compiled by a team of attorneys with 346 combined years of legal experience, Isaacs & Isaacs highly recommends eliminating the guesswork involved in these stressful events. Download and print this car accident checklist and keep it with your vehicle registration in your glove box. Preparing for the unexpected and giving you and your loved ones a plan can help reduce worry and confusion about what to do immediately after a car crash.

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Isaacs & Isaacs Car Accident Checklist

  • Stay at the scene. If your car is not in a safe place, move it to a safe place, as close to the accident scene as possible.
  • Call 911 for help if you/somebody else is injured. If you are unable to call, tell somebody you are injured as soon as possible and ask them to call 911.
  • Check others for injury if you are able. First passengers in your car, then the other vehicles involved. If you haven’t already, call 911 for help if anybody is hurt.
  • Call the police if there’s property damage but nobody is injured.
  • Get information from the other driver(s):
    • Name;
    • Insurance info (insurance carrier; policy number; agent name & phone number);
    • License plate number;
    • Driver’s License Number.
  • Get names and contact info from any witnesses.


If somebody wants to bring this topic up, don’t say anything.

  • Take pictures (if you can, or have someone else do it). Photos should include:
    • Vehicle damage
    • Skid mark pictures
    • Pictures of the accident scene, especially pictures showing the vehicles before being moved, if possible

If you or somebody else is injured, or there is serious property damage, you should:

  • Speak to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

You can reach Isaacs & Isaacs car accident law firm now, at 800-800-8888. We will:

  • Answer your questions,
  • Give you a free case evaluation,
  • Help you know what to do next

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