If you’ve been injured in a car accident during the coronavirus crisis, certain actions should not be delayed or ignored. COVID-19 has no doubt upended personal and professional life. Emergency rooms, medical facilities, law offices and the courts — all relevant to car crash injury cases

Kathy: An Exceptional History With Our Law Firm Kathy Lobb has been a pivotal piece to the growth and success of the Isaacs & Isaacs Law Firm for over 17 years. She has been with us since 2002 and is a constant reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to. While Kathy […]

On April 1, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) delivered a major announcement requesting all manufactures of the drug ranitidine, widely known by the brand name Zantac

Super Bowl LIV saw the Kansas City Chiefs prevail against the San Francisco 49ers with a final score of 31-20 with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez headlining the half-time show. The Hammer’s Super Bowl Commercial ran locally in Kentucky and is now live on our YouTube Channel

Just after Thursday’s 5pm rush hour commute began on Lakewood, Colorado’s busy Interstate 70, a small school bus collision had.

Jury Delivers Strong Car Crash Verdict Many of the personal injury cases we handle involve aggressive negotiation to reach a.

Grief rippled through the community at Tulane University upon hearing the tragic news that senior Margaret “Meg” Maurer was struck

Understanding Capacity to Contract Laws The year is 1982. Muhammed Ali is seriously ill and has been committed to a

2019 Darryl Isaacs Super Bowl Commercial The Hammer’s Superhero Lawyer Super Bowl ad is here! Take a look!

It was with great sadness to see the multiple reports of five precious lives lost and at least seven other children falling victim to

There’s no drink more associated with the state of Kentucky than bourbon whiskey. That’s why some news observers snickered when

Fatal car accidents are always tragic. Fatal hit and run car accidents are not only tragic, but infuriating.

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