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Watch Our 2019 Super Bowl Commercial

2019 Super Hero Lawyer Super Bowl Ad

It has it all from menacing robots and evil aliens, to dastardly villains. See just how crazy it gets! Watch it below!

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2019 Superhero Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial - The Hammer - Isaacs & Isaacs

The Hammer’s 2018 Super Bowl Commercial

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In 2017, The Hammer stopped the Big Insurance Zombies from getting an accident victim to take their small check. Darryl’s flying Hammer won the day, but it’s 2018, and The Game has changed.

Big Insurance is back at it again, this time invading the Medieval Realm of Kentucky by land and by sea. The Insurance Giant and his icy hordes of Zombies are armed with small checks, looking for revenge. But truck accident lawyer Darryl Isaacs and his fiery companion are determined to win again and make Big Insurance pay during the Big Game.

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2019 Superhero Lawyer Super Bowl Ad - The Hammer - Isaacs & Isaacs

Watch The Hammer’s 2017 Super Bowl LI Commercials

Be sure to watch Part One of this treacherous tale of heroes and evildoers.
Previously in the realm of the undead:

“Don’t Take the Small Check!” – The Zombie Commercial

The official 2017 Super Bowl LI Zombie commercial with The Hammer:

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“Winning Your Case” – The Mission Possible Commercial

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Be sure to watch the 2019 Darryl Isaacs Super Bowl Commercial!