2020 Super Bowl Commercial: Hammer In Space

Watch our SUPER ad below, now with over 14 million YouTube views and counting!

Isaacs & Isaacs Super Bowl LIV Commercial

The Hammer has returned and the 2020 commercial is out of this world! Visit our YouTube Channel for more great videos!
2020 Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial - Hammer In Space - Isaacs and Isaacs

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Love The Hammer? Relive His Super Bowl History!

2020 Super Bowl Commercial Hammer In Space Lawyer

The 2020 Hammer In Space Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial

In a realm impossibly far away, the battle between The Hammer vs. Big Insurance continues in outer space! At stake? Justice for all. Space soldiers are trying to force innocent voyagers to accept small checks. But there’s one intergalactic hero who won’t let that happen: The Hammer. Buckle up for action beyond lightspeed as The Hammer takes on “Big Insurance.” This war is about to go galactic. Join him in his most epic adventure yet!

Hammer In Space Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial

The Saga Continues: The Hammer’s Super Bowl Commercial 2020

Our epic saga blasts off once again in this latest Installment of Isaacs & Isaacs’ blockbuster Super Bowl commercials. Catch up with the story and all of our legendary Super Bowl ads below:

  • Episode I: The Big Insurance Zombies (2017) – Darryl Isaacs, The Hammer, took on Big Insurance Zombies in the epic big truck accident apocalypse.
  • Episode II: The Dragon Lawyer (2018): The Zombies were no match for The Hammer, but an even greater threat looms on the horizon: Winter… and Big Insurance. The winter zombies tried, once again, to get unsuspecting citizens to accept their small checks, but The Hammer had a trick up his sleeve: A Dragon of Justice!
  • Episode III: The Superhero Lawyer (2019): After defeating the zombies a second time, The Hammer faced a threat from new worlds! The Hammer had to channel three heroic forms to defeat the alien menace. Last year’s ad has now surpassed 10 million views on YouTube!
  • Episode IV: Hammer In Space (2020) – This year, The Hammer takes on the evil Big Insurance Realm in outer space where a mighty galactic battle brews! Can The Hammer rise up and defeat these forces of darkness to make the “Space Laws Super Bowl Commercial” the best Super Bowl ad of the year? We’ll let you decide! The 2020 Space Battle Super Bowl Commercial from Isaacs and Isaacs is here!

Hammer Lawyer Super Bowl Ad 2020

Date and Location of the 2020 Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIV, the 54th Super Bowl game, was played on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-20.
Kickoff time: 6:30pm EST

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2020 Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial - Hammer In Space - Isaacs and Isaacs

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2020 Lawyer Super Bowl Ad – Watch The Hammer In Space!

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Hammer 2020 Super Bowl Commercial

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