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Drugs Can Be Dangerous, Even When Used As Prescribed

People take doctor prescribed drugs to be healthy yet sometimes the prescribed pharmaceutical causes serious harm. Medical devices can also do worse physical damage than the condition they are supposed to correct. Pharmaceutical companies have a duty to warn about possible side effects, and when they fail to warn due to negligence, a willful act, or inadequate testing, patients can recover damages.

Some of the Defective Drug Cases We Handle:

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approval Can be Misleading

Prescription drug deaths outnumber traffic fatalities in the United States. Recent studies highlighted by the Centers For Disease Control estimate that over 50% of the drugs marketed to consumers in the United States have injurious effects, despite testing and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation.

Many people across the country have died or experienced serious injury from taking pharmaceuticals. The FDA is understaffed and overwhelmed with drug applications, so sometimes inadequately tested drugs are approved. Even drugs that produce minimum improvements and maximum side effects get approved.

Our Defective Drug Law Firm Knows How Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making Big Money

When profit, rather than the health of the people who take the drugs, rules the pharmaceutical world, the minimally tested medications and other pharmaceuticals create a high probability of severe injury for millions of patients. Pharmaceutical companies are racing to get approval for their products, even though this fast track approach results in marketing pharmaceuticals that cause harm to thousands of patients. An endless stream of pharmaceuticals have not been thoroughly tested and have both known and unknown side effects, subjecting millions of patients to unknown danger. In many cases, these undocumented side effects can cause significant injury and possibly, death.

Companies who market toxic pharmaceuticals do not want to admit wrongdoing. Insurance companies are reluctant to pay adequate settlements to cover the cost of pain and suffering, lost wages, future earnings, and medical bills. People who have suffered harm from a prescribed drug or medical device can wind up seriously hurt, with overwhelming:

  • pain and suffering,
  • medical bills,
  • lost wages,
  • lasting disability and worse,
  • Dead.

When a patient is hurt because somebody did not warn them about the possible side effects of taking a drug or using a medical device the person or entity who sold the drug or device is often liable for damages. But sometimes they don’t want to pay a fair rate, especially if they’ve harmed thousands or even millions of people. Because they have lots of money they can prolong litigation, forcing the injured party to settle on their terms which may not even begin to cover the damages the victim incurred from using their toxic product.

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If you are not sure if the prescribed pharmaceutical you’ve been using has caused your injury or discomfort, you need to talk to a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. Isaacs & Isaacs dangerous drug lawyers can help you every step of the way to get the medical treatment you deserve, get compensated for lost earnings, and receive the help you need to move on with your life. We understand the trouble you’re in, and we will represent you on a contingency fee basis. We don’t get paid until you do.

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