At Isaacs and Isaacs personal injury law firm, we cannot undo the accident, but we can and will do everything in our power to see that you and your loved ones are made whole in the eyes of the law. We encourage you to watch The Legal Beat — the Isaacs and Isaacs Television special — explaining personal injury lawsuits, featuring attorney Darryl Isaacs, known popularly as The Hammer. For over 25 years, we’ve been pursuing justice and have recovered over $1 billion for victims of wrongdoing in KY, IN and OH. We are here to fight for you.

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In this video you’ll discover:

  • How car accidents, semi-truck crashes and other personal injury lawsuits work
  • How wrongful death lawsuits work when a fatality has occurred
  • How to seek the justice and compensation you deserve
  • How a law firm fights for you
  • How to get a free review of your important case
  • Other essential details about winning your case

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About The Hosts

Ken Jones has worked for seven news operations across the country, the last being a longstanding correspondent for the WDSU-TV in New Orleans as a weekend anchor and reporter from 1996-2010. In 2010, Ken left TV to become Director of Communications for the Recovery School District.

Jennifer Hale is an American journalist working for Fox Sports as an NFL sideline reporter. She covers NBA New Orleans Pelican games and College Football for Fox Sports. You may recognize Jennifer from her coverage of The Basketball Tournament for ESPN as well as the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

About Attorney Darryl Isaacs – The Hammer

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, attorney Darryl Isaacs co-founded Isaacs and Isaacs Personal Injury Law Firm with his father Sheldon N. Isaacs. Darryl completed his undergrad studies at the University of Kentucky in the great city of Lexington, the “Horse Capital of the World and earned his J.D. from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law.

Learn more about Darryl Isaacs by visiting The Hammer’s Bio Page

Free Review of Your Auto Insurance Policy

Uninsured Motorist Lawyer - Isaacs & IsaacsOne of the most important ways you can protect yourself, your family and to prepare for the unexpected is by having adequate insurance coverage policies in place for all vehicles and drivers in your household. Getting your insurance coverage right often makes a critical difference in how you are able to collect compensation for expenses after an injury accident.

During your policy review, we’ll go over your current coverage and give industry recommendations specific to you. This includes looking at policies like uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage, which often prove crucial in paying out damages in accident cases where other drivers carry little or no car insurance.

Isaacs and Isaacs is providing a free review of your current insurance policies. To get a free review of your Auto Insurance Policy, schedule your appointment with us by calling 800-800-8888 or fill out our appointment form below.

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Where a Lawsuit Begins: The Free Case Review

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Your first step: Call us to begin a free evaluation of your case. The steps we’ll take during a free case review include:

  • Listening to your important story about the accident
  • Gathering available details about injuries
  • Reviewing your past and current medical treatment for injuries
  • Calculating what amount of compensation (damages) you could be awarded
  • Providing you with next steps to move forward with Isaacs and Isaacs

You will not sign anything until all parties feel strongly about the road forward. Keep in mind, our case reviews are confidential and free. You may not yet realize the strength of your case. Don’t skip this crucial beginning step. Get your case review started by calling us 24/7.

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What Can Be Gained from a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal Injury Lawyers Louisville - Isaacs and Isaacs When you or someone you love gets badly injured as a result of someone else’s negligence behind the wheel of a car or semi-truck, the physical, emotional and financial toll it takes can be devastating. When a death occurs in these circumstances, the loss may leave many feeling hopeless.

In these situations, seeking justice for yourself and loved ones, holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions and demanding payments for harm done can provide a new path forward. That is the important road of filing and winning a settlement in a personal injury lawsuit.

Money Damages We Fight For

When you have been harmed, our attorneys will demand payment of damages for your injuries and for the loss of a loved one. The most significant damages we pursue for you include:

  • Medical Expenses – Don’t let medical bills sink you. We’ll demand payments for hospitalization, surgeries, ongoing rehabilitation, future treatment and more.
  • Lost Wages – It’s very typical to miss out on work and income when recovering from injuries related to car, truck and motorcycle accidents. We’ll demand payments for wages you’ve missed out on.
  • Lost Future Income – Sometimes injuries are so bad that you can’t continue with your career. We step in and demand payments for these circumstances so that your working future gets looked after.
  • Pain and Suffering – Accidents can lead to emotional despair, PTSD and ongoing anguish. We’ll demand that a judge and jury consider how your life has been complicated and changed, so you’ll get what you rightfully deserve to restore you in the eyes of the law.
  • Loss of Companionship – When a loved one dies through someone else’s negligence or purposeful act, a vacancy now exists in your family. That’s a deep irreplaceable harm that needs to be taken into legal consideration. We’ll pursue “loss of consortium” payments to provide stable ground for you to begin healing.

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We Represent Accident Victims in These Case Types

At Isaacs and Isaacs, we’ll pursue justice and compensation for you in these types of cases:

  • Truck Accidents – When you’ve been hit by a big rig, bus or large commercial vehicle.
  • Car Accidents – Collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and single-vehicle accidents.
  • Wrongful Death – Fatal collisions can be devastating and our team knows and wins these cases regularly for our clients.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – We have bikers on our staff of attorneys. If you’ve been injured in a crash involving a motorcycle, we can help.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – As a personal survivor of a TBI, attorney Darryl Isaacs knows the importance of strong legal representation in these cases.

Please review our full list of All Practice Areas and reach out with your important questions by calling us 24/7.

The Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

After an injury accident involving a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle, a legal time clock begins. Known as the statute of limitations, this is the legal deadline to pursue and open a lawsuit. When this expires, there’s often little that can be done to legally help victims.

In the states where we handle the majority of cases, here’s what those deadlines look like:

Kentucky – In most Kentucky injury and property damage cases involving a vehicle, a plaintiff has two (2) years from the date of the accident or from the date of last payment of a medical bill by Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Basic Reparations Benefits (BRB) to file a legal complaint, the first step in opening a lawsuit. However, if the injured party has opted out of the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Reparations Act (MVRA), then the deadline to file is one (1) year.

  • Wrongful Death in KY – One (1) year from date of death or one (1) year from date a personal representative is appointed to represent the Estate, but no longer than two (2) years from date of death.
  • Other cases like ATV accidents, dog bite injuries, loss of consortium and product liability have a statute of limitations of one (1) year.

Indiana – A plaintiff has two (2) years from the time of the accident in Indiana to pursue both a personal injury case and a property damage case.1

Ohio – A plaintiff has two (2) years from the time of the accident in Ohio to pursue both a personal injury case and a property damage case.2

Some Deadlines are Different

It’s critical to keep in mind that the statute of limitations may differ when injury accidents involve children, government entities or other special circumstances. We encourage you to pursue legal action without delay so that you don’t miss out on the needed recovery of damages you deserve. Get your questions answered about lawsuits by calling us 24/7.

Don’t Let Evidence Disappear: Start Your Lawsuit Today

When you’ve been in an accident, the evidence immediately begins to disappear from the moment a vehicle is moved or the scene of the accident is left. When we pursue your case, we’ll utilize the help of professional investigators to collect evidence and build your case through the important process of legal discovery.

”Don’t Win, Don’t Pay” – How Our Contingency Fee Works

You may be familiar with the popular “If we don’t win, you don’t pay” slogans seen in lawyer commercials. This is known as the contingency fee model and is widely used by personal injury law firms including here at Isaacs and Isaacs. Many law firms bill clients by the hour. This is not sustainable for a lot of people.

What Is a Contingency Fee?

With a contingency fee, we put the financial force of our well-established law firm behind your case. That means we’ll foot the bill upfront for crucial elements like investigation of the accident scene, hiring expert witnesses and most expenses common to personal injury lawsuits. If we win your case, you pay the law firm a percentage from what has been recovered for you in attorney fees and reimburse the costs that have been paid by the firm. If we do not win, you do not pay us a fee or the costs, sparing you the burden of mounting legal expenses.


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