At Isaacs & Isaacs, we believe it is unjust for someone to escape harsh punishment when his or her wrongful act kills somebody, especially if they committed a crime. If your family member died as a result of another’s negligence or criminal behavior, we will help you to obtain justice through filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Call 800-800-8888 now or fill out our online form to speak to an aggressive and experienced Isaacs & Isaacs wrongful death lawyer.

A couple of years ago, an Anderson woman was struck and killed by a hit and run driver. The victim’s mother later said that the justice system failed her because the woman who hit her daughter and then fled the scene only received house arrest.

A need to seek justice was the very same reason why the relatives of Ron Goldman, who was brutally murdered along with Orenthal J. Simpson’s estranged wife Nicole, filed what is probably the most famous wrongful death lawsuit in history. The family felt certain that O.J. Simpson killed Ron and Nicole and wanted a jury to find him liable, after he was found not guilty by a Los Angeles jury during his criminal trial.

A Santa Monica jury found O.J. Simpson liable for the deaths of Ron and Nicole. The jury awarded over $33 million in punitive and compensatory damages to bereaved family members.

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Indiana Wrongful Death Law Provides a Path to Justice for Family Members

In many cases, when people file a lawsuit after their family member dies, they want a measure of justice and vindication. They want to hold those responsible for the death accountable for their negligence. Also, the family needs to recover from the financial burden losing their loved one imposed.

Taking legal action can help you to find the answers you need about why your family member died. Once you file a lawsuit, you (and your attorney acting on your behalf) can gain access to information and evidence that could help expose exactly what happened to cause your loved one’s death.

Once your attorney has strong evidence to prove who is responsible and what exactly happened, the other side will likely want to settle the case. They will offer you a lawful amount to cover your damages and losses in order to avoid going to trial.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit in Indiana?

In Indiana, the personal representative of the decedent’s estate can file a lawsuit to recover damages on behalf of the deceased. In the case of a deceased child, the parents or the parent with guardianship of the child must bring the lawsuit.

Damages will be awarded to family members such as the surviving spouse, the dependent children and the parents of the deceased. The court decides how the award for damages will be disbursed among family members.

Indiana Wrongful Death Damages

In Indiana, a wrongful death lawsuit is filed on behalf of the deceased, for a wrongful act that, had the victim lived, that person could have recovered damages for in a lawsuit. Damages that are allowed include:

  • Medical costs
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Reasonable cost of the lawsuit
  • Loss of family member’s income contribution
  • Loss of inheritance
  • Loss of the mentorship, guidance and affection of a parent
  • Loss of the companionship of a spouse
  • Loss of the companionship and love of a child
  • Loss of the child’s work if the child contributed to the family business

In cases where the victim died a violent death, such as a car accident, and a family member had to witness the incident, damages may be recovered for negligent infliction of emotional distress. This cannot be awarded for the grief family members will feel but for the traumatic experience of seeing the accident or death.

In most cases, wrongful death settlement amounts are capped at $300,000 in Indiana for the wrongful death of a single adult with no children.

Isaacs & Isaacs Wrongful Death Attorneys Will Help You Obtain Justice

If you have lost a family member due to the negligence or wrongful act of another, you do not have to rely on the Indiana criminal justice system alone, Indiana law provides a way for family members to obtain justice and also recover financial damages caused by the untimely death of your loved one.

Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm is opposed to people getting away with negligent and hurtful behavior that kills. We feel that the only way to help keep our own families safe is to hold wrongdoers accountable to the limit the law allows. We are compassionate and aggressive in our pursuit of justice for people who have suffered the untimely death of a beloved family member.

The Indiana legal deadline to file a lawsuit, called the wrongful death statute of limitations, is two years from the date of death. But you may not want to wait so long. The very best action you can take is to speak to an experienced attorney as soon as you possibly can do so. Don’t delay acting on behalf of your family. Call us now at 800-800-888, or fill out our online form to speak to an experienced and compassionate Isaacs & Isaacs wrongful death attorney about your case. We are here for you day and night in your legal emergency.