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Beech Grove, IN Truck Accident Lawyer – Isaacs & Isaacs

I’m Attorney Darryl Isaacs of Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm. Our firm has been representing folks injured in collisions with big trucks and other commercial vehicles for decades. I promise you we will fight to get you the fair compensation you’ll need if you’ve been in an accident with a big commercial truck. We know what it takes to win these claims. If you or somebody you love has been in a truck accident, call us immediately at 800-800-8888. Our truck accident lawyers are standing by around the clock to assist you in your accident emergency.

Just last year, a trucker traveled from North Carolina up to Indianapolis to thank the members of the Beech Grove and Indianapolis fire departments who saved his life in 2013. It took him a couple of years to make the trip because he had to undergo 30 surgeries and an amputation of his lower left leg after his truck overturned and trapped him under the steering column. He traveled up with his wife and their granddaughter to thank the firefighters who worked long and hard to extricate him from his overturned truck and saved his life.

His accident happened when he’d slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting the cars ahead of him on the highway after a vehicle cut him off on I-74 East. Big rigs are hard to maneuver, and when he slammed on his brakes suddenly it caused his truck to roll over onto its side. He was trapped under the steering column for 90 minutes. Rescue workers from both fire departments worked hard to extricate him from the truck, using all the resources they had, including the Jaws of Life. At one point they weren’t sure if the hero trucker would make it out of the truck alive.

A lot of times a trucker will put him or herself into a dangerous situation in order to avoid hitting a smaller vehicle, because when a collision between a big semi truck and a regular sized car happens, it can be disastrous. However, sometimes a trucker makes a negligent mistake which causes a disastrous collision with one or more smaller cars.

Why Would You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer to Help You Recover Fair Compensation?

Not all trucking accidents have such a happy ending. When a semi truck collides with a smaller vehicle, occupants of the smaller car frequently suffer horribly if they survive. But the trucking company’s insurance carriers work hard to deny liability. They employ accident scene investigators who specialize in collisions involving big trucks.

The insurance company will be notified rapidly that an accident has occurred and will dispatch skilled investigators to the accident scene immediately. These investigators are expert in deflecting responsibility and liability away from the trucker and finding proof that other drivers caused or at least contributed to the accident.The insurance investigators even use drones to capture pictures from above the accident scene. They will do whatever it takes because, with some of these accidents, damages are so extensive it can wind up costing the insurance company millions of dollars to settle claims. The worse you have been injured, the harder the insurance company will work to deny liability.

Isaacs & Isaacs Truck Accident Law Firm Employs Our Own Accident Scene Investigators

Some of our Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys used to work in insurance defense, so we are aware of the strategies insurance companies use to reduce the money they have to pay accident victims. We employ accident scene investigators of our own to respond to serious trucking accidents as soon as you notify us of your accident emergency. We will gather proof to support your claim, and we will fight hard to get you the money you deserve and need.

We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for accident victims in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. If you or somebody you love has been injured or killed [link to the Wrongful Death page] in a trucking accident, we will help you now. Call our hotline at 800-800-8888, or fill out our online form to speak with an aggressive and experienced Isaacs & Isaacs semi-truck accident lawyer.