If you or somebody close to you has suffered a workplace accident or injury, you’ll probably need legal help in order to win your workers’ compensation claim. Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys have been helping injured workers to get the money they need. We understand how difficult it can be to file a workers’ comp claim and how challenging it is to provide all the substantial proof you need to win. Ironically, the fact that you are disabled or injured and unable to work could keep you from winning your claim because successfully filing a claim is difficult in itself, and it’s a job that requires experience and skill.

An Isaacs & Isaacs workers’ compensation attorney can help you to win all the funds you are entitled to for your work-related injury or illness. Moreover, we can do the hard work involved so that you are free to recover and rebuild your life.

We will represent you on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that if we don’t win your claim, we won’t get paid! Contact us anytime at 800-800-8888, or fill out our form online for a no-obligation consultation with an experienced Isaacs & Isaacs workers’ comp lawyer.

Workplace Injuries in Beech Grove, Indiana

Last summer in Beech Grove, an Amtrak maintenance employee died after suffering burns to over 85 percent of his body. According to one report, he was performing a welding job on a locomotive fuel tank at Amtrak Beech Grove Shops when the tank exploded and caused him serious burns which ultimately proved to be fatal.

This kind of tragedy can happen to anybody at any time. Though most workplace injuries are not fatal, many accidents that occur on the job leave workers either totally or partially disabled and without a way to earn an income. A disability from a work-related injury or illness can be temporary or permanent. In either case, you will need to have a way to make ends meet while you’re out of work.

What Kinds of Workers’ Comp Benefits Can I Get?

Temporary Total Disability: TTD is available when you’re injured or ill and cannot perform your regular job for a limited time.

Permanent Total Disability: PTD is available once you’ve reached maximum medical improvement (determined by your physician) and cannot perform any kind of work.

Temporary Partial Disability: TPD is available when you cannot do the job you did before, for a temporary time. You can be reassigned to another job and receive benefits to help make up the difference in pay.

Death Benefits: If you die as a result of your injuries, your family may be entitled to funeral and burial expenses. Your dependants may be entitled to benefits.

Indiana Workers’ Compensation Laws Are Complicated

In Indiana, unless it’s emergency treatment, your employer and its insurance carrier have a right to control which treating physician you can use. If they want to dispute your claim, they will likely have insurance defense attorneys who know workers’ compensation laws in Indiana.

When you talk to the insurance people, they may encourage you to make statements that are not in your best interest. They probably won’t tell you if they are disputing your claim. You will be left to find this out on your own. Why would they give you information that could allow you to fight back?

With some workplace injuries, you may not be able to return to work, ever again. The worse your injury is, the more likely you will be to encounter opposition when you file a claim for workers’ compensation. Employers and insurance companies are not known for generosity when it comes to passing out money. A serious injury could cost them well over a million dollars.

How Could My Employer Dispute My Claim?

There are several things you need to do to successfully file a workers’ compensation claim. If you miss just one of these details, your claim could easily be denied. In addition to providing medical proof of your disability, you may have to provide substantial proof that your injury or illness is work-related. Some ways your employer or its insurance carrier could dispute your claim include the following:

  • You were not injured while working
  • You had a pre-existing condition
  • You caused your own injury and violated a work safety code
  • You were impaired by a substance when your injury occurred
  • The accident never happened
  • You are not disabled
  • Your claim is fraudulent

There are numerous ways that your employer and /or the insurance people can dispute your claim. Once they do so, you may have to file an appeal with the Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board.

The appeal process is difficult and could become harder the further up the ladder you go to appeal your claim. You may be able to receive help from the workers’ compensation ombudsman before filing a formal appeal. This would be nonbinding mediation where the ombudsman tries to help you reach an agreement with the insurance company.

If you cannot reach an agreement, or if the ombudsman division can’t help you, a hearing would be the next step. During the workers’ comp hearing, an administrative judge will preside. Both you and your employer can present evidence and call witnesses. Your employer will almost surely have an attorney present. If you do not have an attorney by this stage, it would be a very good idea to enlist the help of an experienced workers’ comp attorney now.

Isaacs & Isaacs Will Help You Win Your Claim!

At Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm, we want to stand behind hard-working people who need help once they’ve been injured or become ill from doing their job. We realize how unfair it may seem that you have to hire legal help to receive the benefits you’re supposed to be entitled to by law. We didn’t make the rules, but we do employ some of the best workers’ comp attorneys in the region.

Our attorneys know the law and know how to get you all the benefits you are entitled to receive. We understand that the insurance company may not want to inform you about the maximum amount of benefits you may be entitled to. We understand something of how insurance companies work to pay out the least amount of money for claims possible. We employ attorneys who used to work in insurance defense.

Call Isaacs & Isaacs Before It’s Too Late

There are strict time limits for filing a claim, and the best thing you could do is to contact an experienced Isaacs & Isaacs workers’ comp lawyer before you file your claim. However, if you already filed and received a denial, we will be happy to assist you with the appeals process. Give us a call at 800-800-8888, or fill out our online form to talk with an attorney who has experience in winning workers’ compensation claims. We’re here for you right now, and we are on your side.