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A recent collision on High Falls Road in Monroe County claimed three lives. One of the victims was a minor child. The driver who caused the crash was driving the wrong way down the road, and one witness said he could have been suicidal as he was driving fast and did nothing to avoid a collision. The witness who called and reported the rogue driver swerved out of his way and avoided a crash, but police were unable to stop the out-of-control driver in time to prevent him from killing a mother and her daughter when he hit their vehicle head-on. The driver also died in the crash.

Build Your Case With A Bloomington Car Accident Lawyer

If you need immediate assistance for a car crash injury, call our team now at 800-800-8888 to begin your free case review. Our law firm represents injured victims across many categories. In addition to collisions between passenger vehicles, some popular cases involving car crashes that we handle include:

truck accident injuries
wrongful death
motorcycle accidents

A Conversation All About Car Wrecks and Legal Action

Attorney Darryl Isaacs sat down to address questions about Bloomington, Indiana car accidents and safety and legal action in a recent radio episode of “Ask The Hammer,” the podcast exploring the legal matters that matter most. Play the episode directly below.

Hi, I’m personal injury attorney Darryl Isaacs, the guy on TV and billboards. In the decades I’ve been practicing personal injury law, I have helped many victims who were injured in a car crash that was caused by somebody else’s negligence or wrongful act. Even though I’ve seen a lot of tragedy, it still surprises me how careless and irresponsible somebody can be when he or she gets in a car. Most people don’t want to hurt anybody, but sometimes a person’s behavior shows a disconnection between what kind of human being they want to be and what they do. All it takes is one careless mistake to cause a horrific auto accident. As an accident attorney, I try to help my injured client recover the fair compensation they will need to rebuild their life once calamity strikes.” – Darryl Isaacs

Car accident victims suffer horribly. Many times, if victims survive bad car wrecks, they are left with serious injuries that change their lives forever. They may never be able to go back to work, they could face years of medical treatment, and sometimes, they are left paralyzed or suffer an amputation or a traumatic brain injury that leaves them comatose.

Bloomington Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers

Car Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Victims a Fair Settlement

The Isaacs & Isaacs team includes car crash attorneys who used to work in insurance defense. We understand the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying big claims. The worse that your injuries are, the harder the liable party’s insurance company will work to reduce the amount of damages and compensation they have to pay you.

When insurance is notified there’s been a serious accident, they send out a team of professional accident scene investigators immediately. These people are there to look for evidence that can implicate other drivers and not that their client was responsible, or partly responsible for the crash. Isaacs & Isaacs auto accident law firm also has a team of seasoned investigators we can send out to serious crash sites to protect our clients from the insurance investigators and document proof of what caused the crash. All you need to do is call us for help.

Indiana Comparative Fault Law

Indiana is a modified comparative fault state. Your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of responsibility you are found to have for an accident. According to Indiana law, if you are proven to be 51-percent responsible for the accident, you can be barred from recovering any compensation.
Car Accident Injuries

What this means in plain English is, for example, let’s say you were going a few miles over the speed limit and another car turned left in front of you at an intersection without waiting to give you the right of way. If the other driver’s insurance company can prove you were driving over the speed limit at the time of the collision, your compensation can be reduced, sometimes greatly. Without an experienced and aggressive auto accident lawyer fighting to protect your interests, you are no match for these people.

Another tactic insurance sometimes uses is to offer you a low settlement early on in exchange for your signing a claim waiver. An insurance rep may show up at your hospital bedside when you are heavily medicated and in a lot of pain and offer you a settlement. If you sign the waiver, you will not be able to recover any more compensation from the liable party’s insurance company or your own, should your injuries prove to be more serious than you knew at first. The best thing you can do if the liable party’s insurance wants to talk is to tell them to talk to your accident injury lawyer.

No matter how friendly and concerned the insurance people seem to be, they are not on your side. Their job is to reduce or deny your compensation, and they have been trained to try and gain your trust. If you speak to an insurance company rep over the phone, your conversation will be recorded, even when you’re talking to the receptionist. They are digging for something you might say that would allow them to reduce your claim.

You Don’t Owe Us Any Money Unless We Win Your Case

Isaacs & Isaacs car accident attorneys will represent you on a contingency fee basis. We will work hard to investigate, and if necessary, litigate your claim, and we won’t get paid unless and until we win you fair compensation. We can bear the cost of protecting your interests with confidence because we have over a 99-percent success rate in obtaining fair compensation for our clients in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. We will not accept a low settlement offer from insurance. We will demand a fair settlement to accurately reflect your:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

Download & Print a Car Crash Checklist For Your Vehicle

Eliminate the guesswork and always be prepared to help yourself, your family or even another vehicle by having this checklist ready to go in your glove compartment with your car’s registration. Click here or the image below to access the checklist.

Car Accident Checklist For Glovebox

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Bloomington, IN

A brain injury can be devastating and may not show up right away. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury — known commonly as TBI — we’ll fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

Justice With A Proven Bloomington Car Accident Law Firm

If you have lost a family member in a car crash, we may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover your financial damages.

Isaacs & Isaacs car accident attorneys are on call around the clock to respond to serious car wrecks. If you are not sure whether you need legal help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to assist you by responding to your situation and answering your questions. Call 800-800-8888 without delay, or fill out our form to speak with an experienced, aggressive and compassionate Isaacs & Isaacs car accident lawyer. We’re here for you now.

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