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Darryl Isaacs — The Hammer — and the team of Indiana truck accident lawyers at Isaacs & Isaacs handle cases where victims in Crown Point, Indiana have been injured in a crash involving a large truck or commercial vehicle. Some of these vehicles can include:

Big Rig
Big Rigs
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Cargo Truck
Cargo Trucks
Semi Truck
Tractor Trailer
Delivery Van
Delivery Vans
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Fuel Trucks

Don’t see the commercial vehicle you’re looking for? Don’t worry, our Crown Point truck crash law firm handles them all!

The City of Crown Point is the seat of Lake County in the northwest corner of the State of Indiana adjacent to the Chicago, Illinois metropolis. The 2010 Census reported a population of 27,317, a substantial increase from 19,804 ten years earlier. Highway traffic seems to be always heavy in Lake County, and accidents are frequent. Many accident casualties go for treatment to the Franciscan St Anthony Health hospital, Crown Point’s largest employer.

A Conversation All About Truck Accidents and Legal Action

Attorney Darryl Isaacs sat down to address questions for those who have been involved in a crash involving big rig trucks or other large commercial vehicles. Join us in this radio episode of “Ask The Hammer,” the podcast exploring the legal matters that matter most. Play the episode directly below.

How to Avoid Accidents With Trucks

Many, perhaps most, accidents are avoidable. Drivers can learn from the misfortunes of others how they can save themselves and their vehicles from serious personal injury and property damage.

  1. Cell Phones: It’s easy to get distracted in conversation on a cellphone, and drivers who pay more attention to the phone than to road conditions quickly find themselves in accidents. Everything happens quickly on the road. Ask a passenger to take the call or let the caller leave a message even with a hands-free connection. If the hands are on the wheel but the brain is elsewhere, a half-second is all it takes for an accident.
  2. Tailgating: There’s no need to drive close behind another vehicle. If it brakes suddenly, it may not be possible to stop before a collision. Stay several car lengths behind the other vehicle to prevent any such accident.
  3. Reliance on Rearview Mirrors: All cars have blind spots. As drivers merge into other lanes, they can’t see everything through rearview mirrors alone. They should turn their heads when changing lanes to see all the blind spots. The same precaution applies to rearview cameras when backing vehicles up. The camera doesn’t capture every obstacle always.
  4. Driving According to the Weather: Posted speed limits apply in ideally dry, sunny driving conditions. With rain, ice, or snow conditions change. Stay below the speed limit, and feel the road through the steering wheel. Hydroplaning indicates driving too fast for a slippery surface. Drive for the weather conditions to avoid accidents.
  5. Impaired Driving: Driving while intoxicated is prohibited everywhere. Recreational drugs cause many car accidents, but medications may impair as well, treatment for pain as an example. Allow a healthy companion to drive to avoid a car accident.
  6. Inattention at Intersections: Intersections are infamous for car accidents. When approaching an intersection, pay careful attention to who else approaches and in what order. Everyone must exercise common courtesy in turn at the intersection. Allow particularly aggressive drivers to go ahead out of turn. Emotional, unnecessarily confrontational driving decisions cause accidents.

If, in spite of best preventive efforts, an unavoidable accident occurs, remain calm and focused to resolve the immediate situation quickly with minimal stress. Here are the key steps to follow after an accident involving a truck.

    1. Check On Everyone Involved: If any driver or passenger involved needs medical attention, call 911 for help. Unless traffic hazards threaten more harm, never move the unconscious nor anyone complaining of neck or back pain. Allow emergency medical personnel to help the severely injured.
    2. Call the Police: If there are personal injuries or significant property damage, notify the police of the accident and make a formal police report including names and badge numbers of responding officers.
    3. Exchange Information: Record the names, car registration numbers, driver license numbers, and contact and insurance information of all drivers involved. Uninsured drivers may not cooperate, so record as many details as possible, the brand, model, and registration number of the car, for examples, or a physical description of the driver. Try to remain calm and cooperative. Never apologize for an accident, accept blame for it at the scene, or make any comment that might be twisted into an admission of fault or liability.
    4. Speak to Witnesses: If bystanders witnessed the accident, ask them what they saw, and get their contact information. Reliable witnesses can be very helpful in court.
    5. Take Photographs: Take photos of the accident scene the damage to vehicles, their positions in relation to the roadway, and any relevant traffic signs or signals. Insurers want to know how much damage was a result of the accident and how much preexisted.
    6. Contact the Car Insurer: Notify the insurance company of the accident and of any personal injuries. Explain everything in detail with complete honestly


Justice With a Crown Point Truck Accident Law Firm

It is always best to consult with an attorney if the accident injures anyone. An experienced personal injury attorney will get the maximum compensation owed and will defend the client if found to be at fault. Most of the best personal injury attorneys work for contingency fees payable only after clients receive payments from compensation awards or settlement terms. Such legal representation is a risk-free financial investment.

Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys know about accident cases, and they’ll take on any defendant to win full and fair compensation for their injured clients. Already they have won over $1 billion in damages for clients in Crown Point and in all 50 states. Our trucking accident lawyers serve clients in all 50 states. To speak with one of our experienced attorneys, give us a call 24/7 at 800-800-8888.

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