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Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney Darryl Isaacs

Indianapolis is a great city. It’s a major center of science and the arts, a world-renowned center for motorsports and home of the biggest single-day sporting event in the world — the Indy 500. Unfortunately, like most big, busy cities, Indianapolis has a lot of car accidents.

The local news is full of serious accidents, many of them head-on crashes where one car loses control and crosses into the lane of oncoming traffic. In one recent accident, a woman and a small child were killed and others were seriously injured. Investigators said that nobody in any of the vehicles was wearing a seatbelt.

Being injured in a car accident is one of the most horrific experiences a person can go through. I recently had an accident of my own, and I know what it’s like to be scared, hurt badly and to have your entire life changed forever through a calamity that you didn’t see coming.

I also know from personal experience that no matter how careful you are to pay your insurance premiums, when it comes time for insurance to pony up, they can look for any excuse to reduce or deny your claim. In order to get the compensation you need and deserve, you are going to need help.

Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers Demand Fair Compensation

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s hard to know what to do. You’re in shock, maybe injured, and the first thing you should do is seek medical help. Even if you don’t think you’re hurt, you should get examined by a doctor because, for some serious injuries, symptoms don’t show up right away.

The next thing you should do in a serious accident is contact legal help. Insurance will begin to investigate the accident as soon as they are notified, and they will be looking for reasons to pay less money. Your Isaacs & Isaacs accident attorney will also begin to investigate as soon as you contact us for help.

There are things you can do immediately to protect your case or claim. Do not talk about how the accident happened, what you were doing when the accident happened, or whose fault you think it was. The best thing you can say if somebody asks you if you’re hurt is, “I don’t know. I need to go to the emergency room and be checked.”

Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers Are On Call 24/7

A big reason we achieve nearly 100-percent success in recovering maximum compensation for our clients is that we are on call around-the-clock to respond. In major accidents where people are seriously hurt and there are several vehicles involved, we investigate before evidence is destroyed or altered. We also understand how important it is to contact witnesses right away before they disappear or forget what happened.

We know the strategies that insurance companies commonly use to deny victims the compensation they deserve and desperately need to recover and rebuild their lives. We employ auto accident lawyers who used to work in insurance defense.

We will gather all the evidence to build a strong case. Then we can demand a fair settlement in negotiations with the insurance people. After we know the facts and can prove what happened, we will analyze what strategy will get you the largest settlement. We know the rules in Indiana and will make sure that your claim or case is filed on time. In the years we’ve been helping Indianapolis car accident victims, we’ve seen a lot. We have the experience to represent your claim or case and get you the money you deserve.

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Download our Car Accident Checklist to help you know what to do right after the car accident to be safe, assist others at the scene, and protect your claim or case.

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