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New Albany Truck Accident Attorney

The City of New Albany is the seat of Floyd County, Indiana, across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. The 2010 Census reported a population of 36,372. Bounded by Interstate Highway 265 to the north and by the Ohio River to the south, New Albany is part of the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area. Major employers are Beach Mold & Tool, Inc, Samtec, Inc, and Indiana University Southeast.

A Common Scenario
While traveling through New Albany at high speed down I-265 toward the convergence with I-64, an inattentive semi-truck driver, crashes into a local vehicle, destroying the car totally and injuring the driver severely. Paramedics soon respond to the scene and transport the victim of the truck driver’s negligence to nearby Floyd Memorial Hospital for immediate, urgent medical attention. With the medical condition stabilized after treatment, the victim now needs a personal injury lawyer just as urgently.

An unfortunate fact of life is that high-speed crashes involving large semi-trucks are not uncommon, and the consequences are always very serious and highly stressful. It is always absolutely necessary to have the assistance of an attorney with the knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to protect the car crash victim’s rights and interests. The attorney should be familiar with truck-crash cases, for trucking accident litigation is different from other automotive personal injury cases. The attorney must appreciate and understand the distinctive evidentiary issues in truck-crash cases and how to bear the burden of proof to prevail with verdicts in favor of full and fair compensation for injured clients.

Isaacs & Isaacs Knows about Truck-Crash Cases
Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys have over 22 years of experience litigating over 50,000 truck-crash cases in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio and winning over $700 million in judgments for injured clients. Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys have studied and fully comprehend the complexities and nuances of trucking laws and truck traffic safety regulations, know the applicable provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations thoroughly, and have the resources and the teamwork to confront trucking insurers and their legal hotshots effectively to protect client interests. Isaacs & Isaacs is never intimidated by the big, national truckers but is ever ready, willing, and able to take on defiant personal injury defendants of any size, for no victim deserves a life disrupted and desolated financially by a truck crash but is entitled to full compensation for all injuries and a fair chance to resume life as much as possible as before the catastrophic crash.

How Unscrupulous Big Truckers Try to Deny Damages
At Isaacs & Isaacs they know the tactics big truckers use to deny plaintiffs the judgments they deserve. As soon as the ambulance transports their victim to the hospital, their attorneys already are hard at work scheming about how to accelerate a shamefully insufficient settlement or how to cajole or wheedle signed statements of concessions to be regretted later. The interests of the big truckers oppose the interests of personal injury claimants. Their objective is always to get settlements for as little payout as possible, most preferably none at all. While trying for speedy, cost-free settlements, these legal miscreants canvass the crash scene to cherry-pick proof favorable to their case and to collect biased witness statements.

What Isaacs & Isaacs Does for Clients
Isaacs & Isaacs fights for all clients to get the fair settlements they deserve, but they screen cases carefully and take only those where the defendant’s fault or liability is clear and where reliable, probative evidence is available. Screening is necessary because limited attorney time and resources should not be spent on weak cases. Before taking a case, they confer with the claimant to see whether they can help. If not, they recommend alternatives or refer the claimants to other attorneys for further possible case consultations.

If Isaacs & Isaacs can help, they get to work for new clients right away examining the accident scene and retrieving evidence, identifying and securing the cooperation of fact and the service of expert witnesses, and working with accident reconstructionists to put together the most persuasive case possible. They are in constant contact with clients throughout their cases, always available, and quickly responsive to all client questions and concerns. Their clients are always fully informed at every point in the litigation.

Like most if not all of the best personal injury practitioners, Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys work for contingent fees payable only when clients reach settlements or win jury awards for damages. If a case turns out to be a loser, the client receives no damages so Isaacs & Isaacs receives no fee. The client who gets nothing owes nothing, financially a truly no-risk investment.

The goal at Isaacs & Isaacs is always the best outcomes for clients so they can put their lives back together and continue as before to the extent humanly possible. Call 800-800-8888 today for a free case consultation.