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Darryl Isaacs — The Hammer — and the Indiana truck accident law firm at Isaacs & Isaacs handles cases where victims in Vincennes, Indiana have been injured in a crash involving a large truck or commercial vehicle. Some of these vehicles can include:

Big Rig
Big Rigs
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Bus Accidents
Cargo Truck
Cargo Trucks
Semi Truck
Tractor Trailer
Delivery Van
Delivery Vans
Fuel Truck
Fuel Trucks

Don’t see the commercial vehicle you’re looking for? Don’t worry, our Vincennes truck crash law firm handles them all!

The City of Vincennes is the seat of Knox County, Indiana, on the lower Wabash River in the southwestern part of the state about equidistant from Indianapolis to the northeast, Louisville to the southeast, and St Louis to the west. The population was 18,423 in2010, a slight decrease from 18,701 in 2000. Major employers are Vincennes University and Good Samaritan Hospital, which treats casualties from vehicle crashes on local highways.

Over on Interstate Highway 69 about 20 miles east of the city, a semi-truck driver speeding towards Indianapolis lapses into daydreaming and fails to watch road conditions carefully enough to avoid rear-ending a passenger car, transforming it into a total wreck and its driver a medical emergency case. The truck driver’s victim goes by ambulance to Good Samaritan, where an emergency physician treats the injuries and stabilizes the patient’s condition, and at this point there is a need for a good personal injury attorney as urgent as was the need for the physician.

Unfortunately, truck crashes and their catastrophic consequences are no more uncommon in Southwestern Indiana than anywhere else. For innocent, injured drivers the situation is always extremely stressful, too much to handle without the assistance and representation of a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney, especially one who can win truck crash cases, one who understands how truck crash litigation is much different from other highway accident cases. The attorney must know about the specific and sometimes unique difficulties in bearing the burden of proof of truck crash fault or liability to achieve judgments in favor of truck crash personal injury plaintiffs.

A Vincennes Truck Accident Law Firm With a Solid Record

Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys have many years of experience in truck-crash cases in Indiana. They have studied and comprehend the nuanced complexities of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act regulations, and they regularly track latest developments in the case law interpreting and applying them. Isaacs & Isaacs has the resources and the special teams necessary to engage big trucker insurers and their legal guns successfully in protecting their clients from deprivation of their legal rights and interests. Isaacs & Isaacs is never overly aggressive or needlessly antagonistic, but neither is the firm ever timidly accommodating to big truckers but ever ready, willing, and more than able to do courtroom combat with them if need be, for no Isaacs & Isaacs client deserves a life ruined by an unnecessary truck crash caused by someone not paying attention but should have full compensation for all losses and a fair chance to resume life as much as before.

How Big Truckers Treat Personal Injury Claims

Big truckers use tricky tactics for deceit and delay to deny plaintiffs the compensation they deserve. Even while their victims are en route to hospitals for life-saving treatment, the big truckers already are busy at schemes about how to arrange shamelessly insufficient, unfair settlements or how to wheedle statements of admissions or concessions that claimants later regret and try to disown. Big trucker interests are in entire opposition to those of their personal injury claimants. The big truckers want to settle or dispose of personal injury claims by all means possible, fair or foul, for as little compensation as possible, ideally none. While in pursuit of unfair settlements, they have fabricated evidence as phony support for the cases they argue.

A Conversation All About Truck Accidents and Legal Action

Attorney Darryl Isaacs sat down to address questions for those who have been involved in a crash involving big rig trucks or other large commercial vehicles. Join us in this radio episode of “Ask The Hammer,” the podcast exploring the legal matters that matter most. Play the episode directly below.

How Isaacs & Isaacs Helps Truck Crash Victims

Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys make best efforts and spend lots of time for all clients to get the best results they deserve, so they must screen cases with care and take on only those where liability is reasonably clear from reliable, probative evidence. The screening is necessary because limited resources should not go to weak cases when so many worthy client causes need help. If they decide not to appear in a case, they refer the claimant to alternate attorneys with more time for risky ventures.

Vincennes, IN Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Isaacs & Isaacs immediately examines the crash scene, retrieves evidence, identifies and secures the cooperation of fact and expert witnesses, and works with accident reconstructionists to build the strongest cases possible. They maintain constant contact with clients, always available and promptly responsive.

Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys work under contingent fee agreements providing for payment only when clients reach successful settlements or win damage awards. If a case becomes a loser, the client pays no fee. A contingent fee agreement is a truly no-risk financial investment.

Our trucking accident lawyers serve clients in all 50 states. To speak with one of our experienced attorneys, give us a call 24/7 at 800-800-8888.