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Ashland Kentucky is a beautiful place. Located on the Ohio River in Eastern Kentucky, it’s the hometown of many great leaders in sports, politics and entertainment and was mentioned in Jack Kerouac’s countercultural classic, On the Road. It’s amazing how many famous people were born and raised in Ashland. We are interested to see how many more people this fantastic town will produce who are destined for fame. Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm is proud to serve the people of Ashland and Boyd County.

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A personal injury can be devastating. It can affect your health, your finances and leave you feeling like you are a victim and have no control over where your life is headed. Especially with hospital bills coming in while you’re unable to work, you need help to receive the fair compensation you are entitled to from insurance and other liable parties.

Hello, I’m Darryl Isaacs, the guy from the TV and billboard ads. My father, Sheldon Isaacs, and I founded Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm because we wanted to help injured folks get a fair deal after they have suffered a traumatic injury or illness due to somebody else’s negligence. We understood that the average person is no match for insurance companies and big business, and we wanted to level the playing field.

Over the decades, Isaacs & Isaacs has found like-minded legal professionals to join our team who share our determination to stand up for regular working people. We share a passion and commitment to do all that we can to help folks receive the fair compensation they will need to rebuild their lives after suffering a catastrophic personal injury.

Insurance Will Offer You as Little as Possible for Your Personal Injury Claim

Insurance companies do not profit from offering fair settlements to injured people. The worse you are hurt, the harder the liable party’s insurance carrier will work to deny or reduce the amount of money they have to pay you. In order to protect your claim, you will need to enlist the help of an attorney with experience in proving negligence, proving how serious your injuries are and what your long-term prognosis is likely to be and negotiating a fair personal injury settlement. Most people receive many times more money with the help of an attorney than they could get negotiating with insurance alone. Even after paying the reasonable cost of representation, people who hire lawyers come out ahead.

Darryl Isaacs and the Isaacs & Isaacs team will fight to get you every penny of compensation you deserve and will need to cover all your damages including:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Disability
    • Emotional trauma
    • Property damage
    • Wrongful death

We will file a personal injury lawsuit, if necessary, in order to gain access to evidence and testimony which will build a strong case. Once we have built a strong case to prove negligence, the liable party will likely offer a fair amount to settle before trial. If they refuse to do so, we will take your claim to court and let a Kentucky jury decide what compensation you deserve.

If You Delay Taking Action, You Could Be Barred From Receiving Compensation

There is a time limit for filing a personal injury claim called a statute of limitations. The time limit varies depending on the facts of your case. If you put off taking action and the statute of limitations expires, you will almost certainly be barred from recovering any compensation for your injuries.

Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury attorneys will represent you on a contingency fee basis: you don’t owe us any money until and unless we get you your settlement or jury award of damages. It will not cost you anything to enlist our help. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin to investigate the cause of your accident and build your case.

Call us now and let us get started before:

  • Evidence disappears or is altered
  • Witnesses forget what they saw or become hard to locate
  • The statute of limitations expires and bars you from compensation

A Proven Ashland Personal Injury Law Firm

Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm is on call to assist you as soon as possible in your legal emergency. We understand that serious accidents happen at all hours and are prepared to step in as your Ashland truck accident attorney. With these accidents and others that occur outdoors, such as Car Accidents Construction AccidentsTrip and Fall accidents and others, evidence must be gathered rapidly before it disappears or is altered by the weather.

If you’ve been in an accident and are not sure whether you will need legal help, chances are that you do. There’s absolutely no obligation to call 800-800-8888, and speak to a dedicated, experienced and compassionate Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury attorney about your situation. We are happy to help you understand what options you have in this emergency.

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