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Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys are on call around the clock to be at your side rapidly if you’ve been injured in a serious car accident. It won’t cost you anything to give us a call. Our hotline number is 800-800-8888. Isaacs & Isaacs’ record has over 99-percent success in recovering fair compensation for accident victims in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. We’ll get you your money, or we won’t get paid! Call us 24/7 to speak with an experienced and aggressive Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury attorney without delay.

No matter how careful you are while driving, you cannot control what other drivers do. In a recent crash on I-64 in Boyd County, a woman tried to make a U-turn and wound up going the wrong way down the highway, hitting another vehicle head-on and causing it to roll. The driver of the other vehicle was flown to the hospital with serious injuries. Bad car accidents happen all the time, and if you are a victim of a negligent driver, you will need an experienced and aggressive car accident attorney to fight for your right to recover a fair settlement from the negligent driver’s insurance carrier.

Hi, I’m Darryl Isaacs. You may have seen me in on TV and billboard ads. My father, Sheldon Isaacs, and I founded Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Law Firm together. We wanted to help accident victims recover fair compensation from insurance so that they could have the resources they need to heal and rebuild after a serious accident has devastated their life.

In the decades I’ve been practicing law, I have never seen an insurance company offer an accident victim a fair settlement without an attorney protecting the victim’s interests. We’ve hired attorneys who used to work in insurance defense, and we have insider knowledge of the strategies insurance companies use against accident victims.

Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers Will Fight to Get Your Fair Settlement!

Kentucky’s no-fault insurance is a great resolution for minor fender benders where you are not seriously injured. However, the cap is $10,000 in medical bills and/or lost wages. If your injuries exceed $10,000, you’ll need help to recover a fair settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. The minimum coverage a Kentucky driver is required to carry is $25,000 per victim, $50,000 per accident. This amount will not begin to cover your damages if you’ve been seriously injured and will require time off work and intensive medical care. However, as soon as a serious accident occurs, the at-fault driver’s insurance people get busy trying to prove that their client is not responsible. Without the help of an aggressive car accident lawyer, you are no match for the insurance company’s experienced accident scene investigators and insurance defense lawyers.

Kentucky is a pure comparative negligence state. What this means is that your claim will be reduced by the percentage of negligence that the court assigns to you. In plain English, if the other side can blame part of the accident on you, they can reduce the amount of your claim by the percentage of blame assigned to you (KRS § 411.182). As soon as the insurance company is notified that there’s been a serious accident they will send a team of accident scene investigators out to the crash site to look for evidence they can use against you.

Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury lawyers employ our own team of skilled investigators who we send out to serious car accident scenes. We will begin investigating to gather proof as soon as you give us a call. We will be at your side immediately to protect you from the insurance minions and the unscrupulous methods they employ to redirect blame. They might try to get you to talk to them or sign a claim waiver when you are hospitalized, medicated and unable to think clearly. The best answer you could give them is to talk to your car accident lawyer.

We Are Here for You 24/7 in Your Accident Emergency

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get busy investigating your accident and gathering the proof necessary to support your claim. The insurance people may try to pretend that they are concerned about you. It is their job to pay you as little money as possible, and their loyalty and concern are for their company’s bottom line. They will try to get you to talk to them, and the safest thing you can do is to direct them to speak to your attorney.

If necessary, we will file a car accident lawsuit to force the insurance company and all liable parties to offer a fair settlement to cover your damages. A lawsuit would allow us to gain access to evidence and testimony to build your case and prove the other driver was negligent and caused the crash. After we amass substantial evidence, chances are the other side will offer you a fair settlement to cover all your damages, including:

  • Current and future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Property damage
  • Disability
  • Wrongful death 

You do not have to have any money to enlist our help. Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury lawyers will represent you on a contingency fee basis: if we don’t get you your money, we won’t get paid. We have the resources to bear the cost of investigation and, if necessary, litigation for you so that you can focus on healing from your injuries and rebuilding your life.

You Will Be Happy You Called “The Hammer” for Advice

If you are not sure whether you need an attorney, you probably do. Call our hotline at 800-800-8888, or fill out our online form to speak to a compassionate and aggressive Isaacs & Isaacs car injury lawyer about your claim. It won’t cost you anything to call us for advice. You’ll be happy you placed the call.