Bardstown, Kentucky, Personal Injury Lawyer - Darryl Isaacs

Bardstown, Kentucky, Personal Injury Lawyer – Darryl Isaacs


If you or somebody you love has suffered a personal injury in Bardstown or Nelson County, Isaacs & Isaacs will work hard to get your maximum compensation from insurance and other liable parties. We have over 99-percent success in obtaining fair compensation for injury victims we represent. If you are not sure whether you have a valid claim, call our hotline 24/7 at 800-800-8888 to speak to an experienced and compassionate Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury attorney about your situation. We are standing by to help you now.

Bardstown is a wonderful place. Bardstown is the second oldest city in Kentucky, and one of the oldest cities in the entire nation. It’s known as the Bourbon Capital of the World and hosts the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival. It was voted as “The Most Beautiful Small Town in America” in the Best of the Road competition in 2012. The entire downtown district is included in the National Register of Historic Places, and the Old Talbott Tavern continues serving customers since 1779, providing food, drink and lodging to weary travelers. Daniel Boone and Abraham Lincoln are among those who have frequented the tavern during the centuries it has been open. Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm is proud to serve the residents of Bardstown and Nelson County.

When You’ve Suffered a Personal Injury, You Need an Advocate Who Will Fight for You

Life can be unpredictable. No matter how careful you try to be, you can suddenly find yourself seriously injured in an accident through no fault of your own. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you will make ends meet while you recuperate or what the future holds in store financially for you and your family. You have enough to worry about just trying to heal so that you can resume your life in the best way possible after your injury.

When you call Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm for help with your injury claim, you will be enlisting the help of a team of serious advocates with the experience and determination to fight for your fair compensation from all liable parties. You can give us the burden of handling your injury claim with confidence that our skilled and experienced attorneys and legal support professionals will do everything possible to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries and losses.

Insurance Companies Do Not Profit by Offering Fair Settlements to Injury Victims

Even though you have been scrupulous about paying insurance premiums on time month after month for years and you have counted on insurance to have your back in an accident, without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you will likely be disappointed. Insurance is a business, and like all businesses, their goal is to maximize their profits. They want to maximize the money they collect in premiums and minimize the money that they have to pay out in accident claims. Without the help of an experienced attorney who knows how to prove liability and also understands your legal rights, you will probably come out on the losing end when you are counting on insurance to pay a fair personal injury settlement which covers your:

  • Hospital bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Property damage

Isaacs & Isaacs employs attorneys who have worked in insurance defense, and we are aware of the tactics insurance companies commonly use to reduce the amount of money they have to pay out for accident claims. Though insurance company employees have been trained to act friendly and concerned, their loyalty is to their shareholders. The sad truth is, the worse that your injuries are, the harder the liable party’s insurance company will work to reduce the amount of compensation it has to pay you for your personal injury claim. You will need somebody in your corner who is experienced in proving liability and in negotiating a fair settlement that covers all your damages, including the damages you may experience in the future should your injury prove to be disabling or require multiple surgeries and extended medical care and time off work.

Isaacs & Isaacs Will Fight to Get You Fair Compensation to Cover All Your Damages

Sometimes, insurance companies will offer a low settlement early on, especially if they are nervous about the money your personal injury case could wind up costing them. They may send an insurance representative to your hospital room to convince you to accept a rapid settlement while you are heavily medicated and cannot think clearly. In exchange for the settlement, they will ask you to sign a claim waiver. Once you sign their waiver, you will not be eligible for any more compensation for your injury from any insurance company, including your own. The smartest thing you can do after a serious accident is to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you possibly can. Your attorney will protect your interests, and you won’t have to deal with the insurance people at all.

Isaacs & Isaacs will begin to gather evidence to prove liability as soon as you call us for help. Once we have gathered substantial evidence to prove liability, we can demand a fair settlement in negotiations with the insurance company. In some accident cases, a third party, such as an automobile parts manufacturer, is also liable for your injuries. We will determine what caused your accident and who all is responsible to maximize the compensation we can demand on your behalf. We have filed personal injury lawsuits when necessary to demand access to records and evidence the other party has no obligation to disclose outside of civil litigation. Each injury case is different, and we know how to take the appropriate actions for many situations, including:

We have substantial experience representing many other areas of personal injury.

Our goal is to level the playing field for regular people to obtain a fair deal from insurance and other big companies. You are no match for these companies on your own with their attorneys, investigators and adjusters. Let Isaacs & Isaacs’ winning team of legal professionals take the worry off your shoulders so you can focus on healing and rebuilding your life. Our 99-percent success rate in recovering fair compensation for our clients speaks for itself. You can trust us to obtain maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

You Don’t Have to Have Any Money to Enlist Our Help

Isaacs & Isaacs dedicated staff of experienced attorneys and legal support professionals will represent you on a contingency fee basis. We ready to be your Bardstown truck accident attorney or represent you across a broad spcetrum of cases. We have the resources to investigate and, if necessary, litigate your case. You don’t have to pay us a penny until and unless we recover your fair compensation.

There’s a personal injury statute of limitations, which is a time limit for taking legal action that varies depending on the type of case you have. If you miss this important deadline to file your claim, you could be barred from recovering any compensation for your injury. It is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as you possibly can.

Call 800-800-8888 anytime or fill out our form for a free consultation and claim evaluation with an aggressive and experienced Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury attorney. We are here for you now.