Sun Products and other location companies in Bowling Green have been recognized on two separate occasions for taking outstanding measures to ensure employee safety. Although many employers do all they can to keep workers safe, accidents can still happen in any job. Some of the most dangerous occupations are garbage collector, construction worker and coal miner. But even in a relatively safe job like retail cashier, you could be injured while you are at work.

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Nothing is more difficult to face than when you’ve worked hard to be an asset to your company and suddenly you cannot do your job. You are counting on the workers’ compensation insurance your employer is required to carry to see you and your family through this difficult time.

Injury Attorney in Bowling GreenIn order to collect all the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to under the law, you would be wise to enlist the help of an experienced disability lawyer before filing your claim.Hopefully, your employer wants to be fair, but often, employers care more about their bottom line than they do about the loyal employees who work so hard to make their business a success. And the hard truth is that, even if you have the best boss in the world, their insurance carrier is bound to do all they can to reduce or deny your workers’ compensation benefits. Insurance companies are notorious for being more eager to take premiums than they are to pay out claims.

Who Is Entitled to Workers’ Comp in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, all workers are covered by workers’ comp insurance, except for the following:

  • Agricultural farm workers
  • Domestic part-time employees in households of two or fewer workers
  • Workers who work for charitable organizations in exchange for sustenance
  • Federal workers (covered under federal workers’ comp)
  • Some religious organizations where state sponsored help is against their religion
  • Voluntary carpools for accidents while traveling to and from work
  • Worker voluntarily rejects coverage
  • Worker voluntarily exempts self from coverage

What Kinds of Benefits Are Kentucky Workers Eligible For?

Kentucky workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Temporary Total Disability if you are unable to work for at least seven days due to a work-related injury or illness.
  • Permanent Partial Disability if you are unable to do the same work due to a level of total disability and your medical provider does not expect your condition to improve (you’ve reached maximum medical improvement), you will receive disability according to the percentage of impairment your doctor assigns you.
  • Permanent Total Disability if you are totally disabled for the rest of your life. In order to be deemed totally disabled, you must be so severely injured you’re unable to do any kind of work.

Black Lung Benefits for miners who contract pneumoconiosis are awarded according to several factors, including x-ray results, the age of the miner and the severity of the condition. You may be eligible for vocational rehab to train for another kind of work.

You may be able to collect workers’ comp and also file a third-party lawsuit if your condition is a result of faulty safety equipment. You should consult a workers’ comp law firm to explore your options. This can include:

Death Benefits if an injured worker dies within 4 years of being injured from a work-related injury the estate will receive a settlement; the amount is adjusted annually to reflect cost-of-living. The surviving spouse/some dependents may also collect weekly payments.

Training for Other Work if you cannot return to your former work because you are permanently partially disabled. The insurance could cover your training costs, and you would continue to receive benefit payments until your training is completed, then continue to get PPD payments to compensate you for your disability.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer to Get My Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Unfortunately, your employer and/or the insurance people might dispute your claim. You have to provide substantial proof that you are disabled and that your injury or illness is job-related. Also, the insurance company will not likely give you information on all the benefits you may be entitled to. Their goal is to pay less money. Your attorney can protect your interests and get you the maximum amount of compensation the law allows.

An experienced attorney would examine the cause of your injury and determine whether a third-party, such as the manufacturer of faulty equipment, is liable for your injury.

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