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Truck accidents are easily the most horrific types of crashes on the highways, and in areas like Fort Thomas, Kentucky that are in close proximity of the Cincinnati and Louisville corridors, the area sees for than its fair amount of serious truck accidents. There are some common factors that arise in many accidents involving commercial vehicles, with multiple vehicle crashes being one of the factors. These can be very complicated legal cases to unravel, and it vital to have an experienced truck accident attorney who understands how the operators and shipping companies attempt to deflect negligence on their part. You can rest assured that the trucking company will have a team of aggressive lawyers defending the case, and that is why you need a solid and aggressive legal representation like the professionals at Isaacs & Isaacs to ensure a fair claim settlement. In addition, there may also be numerous litigants, and the possibility of a defective equipment suit can often be present.

No-Fault Insurance States

Kentucky is a state that utilizes “no fault” insurance law requiring accident victims to first turn to their own insurance policy for initial coverage. This can put accident victims in an adversarial position with their own insurance provider, and having an experienced truck accident attorney can help eliminate that worry while ensuring that subsequent litigation will also be pursued. Big truck accidents commonly result in fatalities that are prosecuted as wrongful death claims, which can be a complicated issue when determining a fair settlement, especially when there are several vehicles seeking financial recompense. Isaacs & Isaacs has an excellent professional knowledge of legal applications concerning no-fault insurance claims.

Understanding Contributory Negligence

Even though the accident occurred in no-fault state, all drivers involved in a truck accident will still be evaluated for comparative negligence, and all insurance companies attempt to deflect a major percentage on the injured victim. The ultimate obligation of an insurance adjuster is to protect their client and the company. Your attorney from Isaacs & Isaacs will contest any claim from respondent attorneys that inflate client negligence assessments because the lower a comparative negligence rating, the higher the potential for being made financially whole following the accident. Even those 99% at fault for an accident can recover the remainder in a case settlement under state law. They understand the methods that defending lawyers employ to reduce a total claim payout, even when the accident is the obvious fault of the truck driver or shipping company.

Multiple Negligent Parties

Truck accidents also carry the potential for multiple negligent parties who can be pursued for
damages. Negligence on the part of the driver is always an issue, such as driving under the influence or failing to inspect the vehicle according to regulations, but the shipping company can also be negligent with respect to other policies that help cut operational expense. This failure will many times result in equipment failure or an over-worked driver. Questionable operation logs are always a component of a big truck accident investigation, and your professionals from Isaacs & Isaacs understand how this process works. When defective vehicle products are installed on any vehicle in the crash, a potential also exist for a claim against the manufacturer. If the causation of an accident was due to product malfunction, it is not necessary for your Isaacs & Isaacs attorney to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer under strict liability doctrine. This can greatly enhance the value of your claim.

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Anyone involved in a truck accident in the Fort Thomas, Kentucky region should contact Isaacs & Isaacs at their hotline number 800-800-8888 or visit the official law firm website for more information. They are available on a 24/7 basis and all initial case evaluations are free. And, if they do not win your injury claim, they do not receive a fee. But, 99% of their clients receive some amount of claim settlement. Let Isaacs & Isaacs investigate your big truck accident case for value potential.