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The City of Georgetown is the seat of Scott County, Kentucky. A 2014 census reported a population of 31,653, up dramatically from 11,414 in 1990. The recent, sudden population upsurge took off in 1986 with establishment of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky factory complex now employing 9,300. As would be expected, highway traffic has increased accordingly, particularly the volume of large, dangerous semi-trucks for commercial and industrial transport purposes.

Driving with Semi-Trucks

Roads are dangerous places, a disturbing thought because of the amount of time most people must spend on them. Drivers can control only their own vehicles, and what other drivers may do is not always obvious. A concerted effort to follow road safety rules can make the difference between an uneventful ride and an unfortunate accident, especially in the presence of semi-trucks.
There may be no conclusive evidence that semi-trucks cause accidents, but there can be no doubt that the most severe, devastating accidents involve them. It is therefore imperative for drivers to know the safety rules they should follow when semi-trucks are around.

Semi-Truck Concerns

Semi-trucks have bigger blind spots due to their sheer size. The road space near the truck cab is often a blind spot that drivers should avoid and occupy no longer than absolutely necessary when overtaking a semi-truck.

Another concern is semi-truck tires, which carry much more weight over much more time and distance than do other vehicle tires, making them prone to blowouts. Stay away from the wheels of a semi-truck to avoid tire debris in such mishaps or the truck itself if the driver loses control.

Passing semi-trucks can be precarious. When they turn they must swing wide to stay on track for their great size. Never pass these trucks on the right because sometimes they must turn from an inward lane on the left.

Most important when driving near semi-trucks may be the space between vehicles. Approaching a semi-truck too closely can put the approaching driver in a blind spot or in a position to be struck by tire debris from a blowout.

Don’ts for Truck Safety

Semi-trucks account for a small portion of highway vehicles, but when involved in traffic crashes cause catastrophic results. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that about 450,000 semi-truck accidents occur annually, killing 5,000 people and injuring another 140,000.

Don’t Cut Trucks Off

Some drivers treat semi-trucks the same as they treat other vehicles on the road. They should consider that these trucks can weigh as much as 40 tons and need lots of time and distance to stop. When passing a semi-truck, it is very important to give it the space it needs and not to cut it off. Likewise, avoid any situation that might require a quick stop in front of a large truck.

Don’t Drive for Long Next to a Truck

Large trucks are difficult to maneuver, and their drivers may have difficulty changing lanes. Never drive for long next to a truck as it may need to move over into the adjacent lane and may not see a vehicle already there in a blind spot. Pass trucks quickly, and leave them lots of space when returning to their lanes.

Don’t Stop on a Shoulder

If at all possible, do not stop on a highway shoulder. Get off of the road completely onto a side road or on the roadside turf. Truck drivers sometimes fail to see cars parked on the shoulder and strike them. If a vehicle breaks down on a shoulder, get out and stay away from it until help arrives.

Don’t Get Distracted

A major cause of crashes with large trucks is distracted driving. Drivers must remain aware of other vehicles on the road at all times, refrain from texting or talking on their phones, or doing anything that forces them to take their eyes off of the road. Sharing the road with semi-trucks necessitates constant caution.

Consult a Truck Accident Personal Injury Attorney

Anyone hurt in a truck accident needs help from a skilled, experienced attorney now. Representation by an ordinary attorney unfamiliar with the complexities of truck accident personal injury practice is inadequate, and going pro se without an attorney is out of the question.

Accidents involving big semi-trucks are devastating, and without an experienced, specialized team of truck accident attorneys an injured plaintiff risks joining the many truck accident victims stuck with massive medical bills, disabled bodies, and broken dreams. Trucking companies and their insurance agents have a single goal when one of their truckers causes an accident, to make sure the injured plaintiff gets minimal compensation, zero if possible.

Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys know about semi-truck accidents back to front, and they’ll take on anybody to win full and fair compensation for their injured clients. Already they have won over $700 million in damages for clients in Georgetown, Lexington, Louisville, and all over Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and everywhere in between. Call 800-800-8888 today for a free case consultation.