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Glasgow Truck Accident Attorney


Kentucky has seen over 75,000 automobile collisions on average over the past few years. Many of these collisions involved trucks and innocent pedestrians. In some areas of the Kentucky there are truck accidents reported daily.

Despite having a small population Glasgow is not immune from tragedy.
Since 2010 there have been over over 5 fatalities from automobile accidents. The number of non-fatal crashes is even higher. Most of those involved in an accident do not seek the help that they need and end up losing time, money and emotions to unfair settlements.
Do not wait until it is too late for you or a loved one to seek help. Take responsibility for your future. Your physical, emotional and financial security are to be placed above what the trucking companies will try to make of it.

Fight For Justice

You do not want to put your financial life in jeopardy by going against a trucking company and their insurance without the support of a strong legal team.

Darryl Isaacs is known for his dedication to his clients. Upon hiring Darryl and his team you can expect:

professional commitment
personal treatment
nonstop work
a settlement best for you

Isaacs & Isaacs boasts over $700 million in settlements since they began fighting for justice over 22 years ago. Isaacs and his team have been features on news outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV. Darryl and his father Sheldon are respected in the field of truck accident litigation. Their team of investigators, attorneys and accident evaluation specialists bring together years of winning experience to create one of the most successful law firms in the area. They are not amateurs.

They are serious contenders against any trucking company.

From the second that you begin speaking to a team member at Isaacs & Isaacs your case is already starting. Dedication is what separates Darryl Isaacs from the rest. You will see results faster than what other attorneys can try to promise.

Not only will you benefit but the rest of the drivers on the road will because the big trucking companies will know that there is a force working to insure justice and fairness in all of their accidents.

No Hesitation

The longer that you wait to begin your case for justice the more time that trucking companies and their insurance agents have to build their case against you. This is a huge mistake. They will provide one sided witness accounts, use unfair evidence acquisition and try to strong arm you into signing statements that you do not understand.

It is in your better interest to give the trucking companies as little time as possible to skew the facts to fit their narrative. Get in touch with the team who will protect you, your family and your future from the imminent harm that others want to cause you.

After an accident reach for the phone and contact Isaacs & Isaacs to schedule a free consultation or go online and fill out a quick form.

Start seeing results today to protect you from tomorrow.