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When you live in Lyndon, Kentucky, you probably want to enjoy Shakespeare in the Park and the Lyndon Summer Festival. Don’t let injuries or financial distress from an accident keep you from the activities that you love. For example, a trip to Louisville can have tragic results if a truck driver nods off at the wheel or crowds you out of your lane into oncoming traffic. If you or your family are suffering because of an encounter with a truck, you need to hold the trucking company responsible.

You’re likely to be overwhelmed after an accident and money may be the last thing on your mind. However, you will need money to aid yourself and your family throughout the recovery process. That is why it is important to find an expert to take over the ‘leg work’ of a case. Truck companies generally have entire teams of experts to try to block people from receiving the money they need to take care of their expenses. Therefore, victims need to find experienced lawyers who can provide them with compassionate and effective counsel.

Experts Understand the Long Term Expenses for Truck Accident Victims
You need the support of experts to help you collect the money that you need to rebuild your life and avoid out-of-pocket expenses. Even people with the best insurance can find the co-pays and uncovered medical expenses to be staggering. The following expenses can add up quickly if you can’t manage as usual:

Lawn care
Pet care
Extra child care
Help with groceries and meal preparation
Customized transportation for someone permanently or temporarily disabled
In-home medical help
Home alterations
Even people with supportive families will need to hire help in the event of long term recovery from injuries. Those responsible must lend a hand by providing financial support.

The ‘Tricks’ of the Trucking Industry
In an attempt to look out for their financial goals, trucking companies try to avoid full payments to accident victims. The following tactics are often used:

Pressure to sign a quick settlement for less money
Pressure to sign statements; often when you are still struggling with injuries
Collection of Evidence to support their ‘angle’ on the case
Prolonging paperwork, etc.
“Breaking you down” with paperwork and details
What to Look for in a Legal Expert?
There are many lawyers offering their services for accident victims but few of them specialize in events involving trucks. This type of law goes beyond general legal work because you will often be dealing with a trucking company and their professional insurance provider rather than an individual with a private insurance policy. You are always better off hiring someone with more experience in your area of need.

When approaching an attorney, ask the following questions:
How many years of experience do you have in trucking litigation?
How many cases have you tried?
Do you have references?
Do you offer free consultations?
Who will I contact at your firm if I have questions?
How will you approach my specific case?
How are you paid? Is this a contingent fee arrangement?
What documentation do you need?
What medical records do you need?
Would it be helpful if I kept a medical journal?
Where Can You Turn for Help?

Isaacs & Isaacs has more than 22 years of experience in trucking accident litigation. They operate in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana and so they are readily available in Lyndon, Kentucky. They have a proven track record with over 50,000 cases tried. They have won over $700 million for victims because of their full understanding of trucking laws and regulations. With a complete knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, they are able to manage your case on a deep level.

Going it alone can be too much to handle and inexperienced attorneys may not meet your needs. Isaac & Isaacs has experience coming up against powerful trucking companies. Rather than facing the legal process alone, you can focus on healing and spending time with your friends and family while the experts deal with your case.