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Nicholasville Truck Accident Attorney


One doesn’t usually associate the heart of bluegrass country in Nicholasville, Kentucky with tragedy and pain, but imagine the results if you are on your way to watch the UK game with friends only to meet with disaster as a truck driver fails to notice your car and makes a turn into your path. It’s horrible enough to experience a car accident with another vehicle, but when a truck is involved it can result in terrible destruction.

Why Do I Need Expert Legal Advice to Receive Adequate Compensation?

Not only do accidents with trucks differ because of the size of the vehicle involved, but the legal rules change as well. Trucking companies carry special insurance and must meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. This means that the legalities for receiving compensation are more complicated than they are for individuals who are privately insured and who are not held to the same standards as professional truck drivers.

The legal process for any accident can be long and complex. When that process includes the work of teams of lawyers used by the trucking industry, it can become even more difficult to navigate. That is why you need to find experienced lawyers who deal with this type of law every day. Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys know what they’re doing with over 22 years of experience and $700 million dollars collected for their clients. Even though they are compassionate with their clients, they are bold with the trucking industry and understand the tactics that are often used to lure hurting accident victims into improper settlements.

Why Not Simply Settle Right Away?
It may be tempting to settle immediately after an accident. Nobody likes the idea of fighting in court over a period of time, but you have to ask yourself why the trucking company wants to settle so quickly. There are several reasons that they use this approach when dealing with accident victims.

They may try to ‘get you while you’re down’ – When people are fully focused on their injuries and losses, they may be at a physically and emotionally weak point, causing them to be willing to agree more readily to a low settlement.
Similarly, they may try to get you to sign waivers or other statements immediately after an accident to protect themselves. Remember that you do NOT have to sign their documents and you should seek legal advice first. Their lawyers may sound sympathetic but they are out to protect the trucking industry; not you.
If you settle early, you may not have had the time to consider how many expenses you will have over the long haul. Sadly, some people will deal with problems for a longer time or for the rest of their lives. This can lead to expenses that one doesn’t think about in the first weeks of recovery, such as the need for home modifications, help around the house, a customized car, etc.
It is important to find out if you will be able to get back to work in a timely way. Therefore, signing anything with a trucking company before you have a full understanding of the extent of your injuries is a bad idea.

Where to Go for Expert Legal Counsel, Advice, and Help

Even known, fine attorneys may not have the experience necessary to take on the trucking industry and to deflect trucking attorney’s strategies for success. You need a law firm with the following attributes:

A long, proven track record
Positive references
Free consultations
Easy access & clear communication
Contingent fee arrangements

Isaac & Isaacs is a local law firm operating in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. They can help you through this trying time and look after your case for you so that you will be financially cared for both now and in the future. With a highly skilled team of experienced lawyers near Nicholasville, Kentucky, they are ready to take on the trucking industry with their deep knowledge and sole focus on this field of law. Come in for a free consultation or jump online to chat with someone about your case.