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Owensboro Truck Accident Attorney


Western Kentucky is largely a group of rural communities and small towns, but all towns tend to have larger communities nearby that serve as a commercial hub. Owensboro is one of those cities. With a population of approximately 80,000 residents, it is also the home of several factories and major industries. The vibrant local economy also means that traffic congestion is a significant issue just as in many metropolitan areas, especially in rush hour situations. In addition there are two other cities of similar size within twenty miles of town, so it is not only a destination point. It is also a thoroughfare for commercial activity in the surrounding area. Of course, where there is constant highway activity there will also be a consistent number of accidents. And in communities the size of Owensboro, many of those accidents will involve big trucks and other commercial vehicles. That is why it is always a good decision to have an attorney like Isaacs & Isaacs in mind in the event of a serious truck accident.

Knowing Who to Call
The potential need for quick representation is always present following a big truck accident. Time is of the essence following a crash with an 18-wheeler or other large vehicle because evidence can fade fast, and having an attorney on the case quickly like the truck accident professionals at Isaacs & Isaacs means you can focus on the most important immediate need to recover as quickly as possible. Typical passenger vehicles are never a match for any commercial vehicle, often resulting in very serious injuries, and having a big truck attorney in place investigating the accident can be very important for receiving an equitable settlement for your injuries and emotional distress.

Who Was At Fault?
Kentucky is one of the states that utilizes no fault insurance coverage, which means that those individuals injured in an accident will turn to their own personal auto insurance carrier for payment of the initial medical bills. This also includes big truck accidents. However, causation of the accident can matter as the case is being negotiated, especially when the accident included multiple vehicles and resulted in several injuries. Big truck accidents can be complicated to unravel before going to court, and many times personal injury cases are settled long before. Every driver involved in an accident is always assessed for comparative negligence, which is an area of law the insurance companies always attempt to influence greatly,and having an experienced and aggressive big truck accident attorney can make a major difference in the settlement value of your personal injury claim.

What is Comparative Negligence?
Comparative negligence is the concept that everyone involved in an accident is potentially at fault to some degree. Rarely is a driver determined to be 100% at fault, including big truck operators. Most total fault cases stem from inclement weather conditions, or excessive speeds. Occasionally a big truck operator will also be cited for intoxicated driving, which can also enhance the value of a personal injury case involving a big truck. Kentucky uses the pure comparative theory, which means that even drivers who are 99% at fault will receive some level of damage recovery, which is largely why 99% of all Isaacs & Isaacs clients will receive some financial settlement for personal injury. Regardless of case facts, anyone involved in a big truck accident should retain an experienced attorney who understands how all factors apply to a case.

Multiple Negligent Parties
Many big truck accidents include several vehicles, meaning that several litigants will be seeking damages in some amount. When big trucks are involved, there is always the potential for multiple negligent parties because shipping companies often instruct drivers to skirt on some inspection and safety measures when the truck appears to be operating properly. However, this is failure to maintain proper inspection records, and often erroneous driving logs, which can then lead to negligence on the part of the company as well as the truck driver. Defective truck parts can also result in an additional claim against the manufacturer when an accident is clearly caused by truck part malfunction. Your big truck lawyers from Isaacs & Isaacs are experienced in recognizing the signs of product malfunction and have the knowledge to pursue your injury case on all levels.

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