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Truck Accident Attorney in Shelbyville, KY

Shelbyville, KY has proven to be a haven of quiet and calm for the more than 14,000 citizens within its borders. Many people use it as an escape from the hassle of big-city life. And, while living in a smile city can reduce the exposure to many of the dangers of larger cities, one thing that the people in Shelbyville, and other small towns in Kentucky is the ever increasing number of vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks.

Unfortunately, accidents involving commercial rigs are more common that people realize, and small towns are far from immune to them. It is hard to find any municipality in which the services offered by trucking companies are not necessary, and while these trucking companies offer valuable services that keep the economy moving, that does little to help the individual whose life is turned upside down as a result of a mistake by a truck driver. At Isaacs & Isaacs, we understand the magnitude of the devastation that take place when a person is involved in a truck accident.

Don’t Attempt to Handle the Claim on Your Own

If you or someone you love has been involved in a trucking accident, don’t make the mistake of attempting to settle an injury claim on your own. You are almost guaranteed to leave money on the table, and place yourself in a financial bind because of unpaid medical bills. We have more than 22 years of experience dealing with trucking accidents, and we have been very successful in representing truck accident victims — collecting more than $700 million in settlements and judgments.

If you attempt to work with the trucker’s insurance company to resolve the issue, you will place yourself in a situation in which you will be outgunned and outmanned. Not to mention that your lack of knowledge concerning the complex laws that govern truck accidents will expose you to the risk of being exploited by the insurance company.

At Isaacs & Isaacs, our truck accident experts will be able to effectively analyze the evidence to determine the best approach to take in pursuing what you deserve. While have developed relationships with these insurance companies, we know when to get tough with them.

The Importance of Securing Proper Representation

It is important for you to understand that the insurance company is not on your side. They represent the trucker and themselves, having an objective to minimize losses. When you allow us to represent you, it will ensure that you have a reputable and qualified firm representing your best interests. Because we are familiar with the complexities and specific nuances associated with truck accident law in the state of Kentucky, we are able to develop an approximation of what it will cost to cover your medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering and any other expenses that state law will allow you to recover.

Attempting to handle your case on your own is almost a guarantee that you will receive less than when working with an experience company like Isaacs and Isaacs

More Than a Client

At Isaacs & Isaacs, we view our those who entrust us with bringing some sense of calm to their turbulent situation as more than clients, meaning that you will not be treated as if you are just another number. When are aware of the fact that it is the goal of the trucker and their insurance company to deny you compensation, if at all possible. Our job is to collect enough evidence to build a strong enough case to make them sit down at the table in order to negotiate a reasonable settlement, and in those cases where we assess that what they are offering you is unfair, we will be prepared to take it to trial. Our goal is to ensure that you walk away with less of a burden than before the accident.

Simply put, our goal is to produce the best possible outcome based on the facts of the case. If you have been injured in a truck accident, allow us to work on your behalf to ensure that you receive every dime that you deserve.