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Speed limits are posted on roads in order to keep people safe. If the speed limit is 25 mph, chances are there is something about that road that makes it hazardous to drive faster. But drivers break the rules constantly. One wonders what they are thinking or what the emergency is that they have to speed down the road and jeopardize everybody around. If you or somebody you love has been injured by the negligence of a speeding driver, you need to talk to a car accident lawyer.

Another senseless tragedy shook Cleveland last month. The speeding driver lost control of his car, spun off the road and hit a tree. During the crash, his five teenaged passengers were ejected into the road, three of whom died. Police officers who witnessed the speeding car go by and said they narrowly escaped being hit, said the car was going 80-85 miles an hour on a street where the posted speed limit was 25.

The first thing I think about when I hear a report like this is why weren’t the kids wearing seat belts? But it was the responsibility of the adult driver of the car to drive safely and make sure all passengers were belted in. The 20-year-old driver was charged with three counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and two counts of aggravated assault.

Hi, I’m accident attorney Darryl Isaacs. You may have seen my ads on TV, featuring “The Hammer.” A reason I founded Isaacs & Isaacs law firm with my father is because I want to see folks who have been injured get just compensation from the insurance company after they’ve been in a disastrous car accident.

Cleveland Ohio Accident Lawyers

A car accident is one of the most frightening events a person can go through. Especially if you’ve been hurt bad, you’re worried about whether you will be okay and how you will come up with the money to provide for your family and rebuild your life.

If you’re counting on the liable party’s insurance to give you a fair deal, you may be horribly disappointed to discover that insurance companies don’t like to be fair. They want to rake in the money from people paying their premiums, but when it comes time to pony up in an accident involving major injury, they will look for any excuse to reduce or deny your claim.

Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers Will Fight for You

At Isaacs & Isaacs, we employ attorneys who used to work in insurance defense, and we are aware of the lengths insurance companies will go to in order to reduce or deny your claim. In a major accident, they will send an accident scene investigation team out as soon as they are notified. Their investigators will try to point the police to evidence that suggests the other driver(s) is responsible and away from evidence that their client caused the accident.

They may try to befriend you, posing as concerned bystanders. Do not say anything to somebody who is not law enforcement or emergency medical personnel. The smartest thing you can do to protect your interests is to call a car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

At Isaacs & Isaacs, we send our own team of investigators out in major accidents involving serious injuries or death. We will protect you from the insurance people, and we will make sure you receive every penny of compensation you are entitled to for your:

  • property damage,
  • medical bills, past and future,
  • lost wages, past and future,
  • pain and suffering,
  • cost of therapy for your emotional trauma and
  • wrongful death of a family member.

If necessary, we will file a car accident lawsuit to demand fair compensation for your injuries. Once we file a lawsuit we can:

  • subpoena witnesses to testify under oath at a deposition and in court,
  • examine tangible evidence such as the other driver’s car,
  • demand production of electronic records, including social media, cell phone texts and transcripts to prove distracted driving caused the accident and
  • propound interrogatories (questions) which the other side must answer under oath and in writing.

After the other side understands that we have built a strong case, they will probably offer a fair settlement amount to cover all your injuries and losses. If they don’t, we will take it to trial.

Do Not Accept a Settlement Offer, or Talk to Their Insurance People

Our accident attorneys have seen it again and again. When an insurance company is nervous about your injuries and the possibility of a huge claim, they will offer you a quick settlement. In exchange, they will ask you to sign a release of liability form. If you sign their paper, you will be signing away your right to receive any compensation for your future injuries arising from the accident. You won’t be able to recover any money from your insurance company either because in these cases your insurance carrier recovers money they pay you from the liable party’s insurance carrier.

With some injuries, like traumatic brain injury, the initial injury has a domino effect, causing other injuries in your brain that could leave you severely impaired later on. It is crucial that you talk to a personal injury lawyer before speaking or dealing with the insurance people.

We understand how crucial rapid response is in a situation involving serious injury or death. We are on call 24/7 to respond rapidly to your emergency. It won’t cost you anything to enlist our help. We will represent you on a contingency fee basis: we don’t get paid anything until and unless we get you your money. We have a 99-percent success rate in recovering maximum compensation for our clients.

Call our hotline now at 800-800-888 , or fill out our online form to consult with an experienced and aggressive car accident lawyer. We are on your side.

Download Our Car Accident Checklist PDF

When you’ve been in a violent collision, chances are that you’re in shock and cannot think clearly. We have compiled a checklist to help you know what to do in a car accident to be safe, get help, help others at the accident scene and protect your case or claim.

You can print a copy to keep in your glove box or just open the file if you are at an accident scene now.

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