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Although it is something that most people do not want to think about, the truth is life can change in a matter of seconds. A family could be in their automobile on their way to see a movie that they have anticipated seeing for many months. Everyone in the car is happy, and they are looking forward to some quality family time. The car drives through an intersection where they have a green light, and then they are T-boned by a semi-truck that ran the red light. In just a matter of seconds, their happy family outing has turned into a disaster. Because of the size difference that exists between a semi-truck and a passenger car, the damages sustained by the automobile and its occupants may be severe.

How Common Are Truck Accidents?

Automobile accidents involving trucks are more common than people think. Statistics show that one in every eight automobile accident that results in fatality involves a large truck like a tractor-trailer or a commercial vehicle. Additionally, when there is an accident involving a truck and a passenger vehicle, more than 85 percent of the fatalities and 75 percent of the injuries are sustained by the passengers of the smaller vehicle.

Sadly, the negative consequences of a truck accident do not end at the accident site, but instead they can carry on for many years. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, injured individuals will need medical care. This means that they will have expensive medical bills. While recovering from their injuries, they are not going to be able to work, and so they will lose their income for the time they are recovering. In some instances the injuries are so severe that the accident victim is not able to go back to work. A full recovery may require long and expensive therapy.

And here is the kicker, truck accident victims may continue to be victimized after the accident by insurance companies that refuse to compensate victims for their injuries. It is for this reason that having a skilled and experienced truck accident lawyer defending you is a must.

The Need to Be Selective when Choosing an Attorney
Not all Hamilton, Kentucky truck accident lawyers are created equal. Not all have the same experience dealing with truck accidents in court, and not all have the same track record of success. When you are battling against insurance agencies, you can be sure that they are going to bring their best lawyers to bat. So you need to do the same. The law office of Isaacs & Isaacs has more than 22 years’ experience fighting for the rights of victims in the Kentucky area. They have a proven track record of success in the more than 50,000 cases they have brought to court, totaling more than three quarters of a billion dollars in judgments for their victims.

The lawyers at Isaacs & Isaacs are successful because they understand the rules and regulations associated with trucking. They also understand the tricks that insurance companies will play to try to avoid providing sufficient compensation to victims for their injuries. Their years of success in fighting for the rights of victims in Hamilton has given to the lawyers at Isaacs & Isaacs the boldness and the backbone needed to go toe to toe with a trucking company, regardless of their size. They are determined to aggressively fight for their client, and they are not afraid to do what it takes to get the job done.

People often ask if they need a truck accident attorney to defend them in a Kentucky court. The honest answer is no. A person can defend themselves. But the likelihood of having a successful outcome in court while defending oneself is little to none. On their own, most people do not have the resources necessary to identify all the responsible parties for their trucking accident. They do not have the experience to know when and how to pursue compensation before the statute of limitation passes. Conversely, a truck accident lawyer like those at Isaacs & Isaacs can help you locate all of the potential liable defendants and make sure that you recover the maximum amount of damages for your injury.

What an Experienced Lawyer Will Do for You
An experienced truck accident lawyer analyzes every aspect of the accident. They understand who is liable, and they can help you detail the cost of all of your injuries. They can explain what steps to take during every part of the litigation process. They will interview witnesses, review records, gather expert consultants, and prepare a legal strategy with the goal of helping you have the best outcome in court possible.