Behind the Scenes - Zombie Super Bowl Commercial With The Hammer

A Super Bowl Commercial With The Undead?

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Putting together a 30-second and 60-second Super Bowl commercial with Darryl Isaacs, “The Hammer” was a tremendously collaborative effort involving a huge crew of talented professionals.

Well before a camera could point to the talent with a director saying, “Action,” a ton of prep work over several weeks went into paving the way for success on this shoot.

Location scouting, casting the talent to appear in the commercial, working with writers on the script, artists for the set design, as well as costuming, makeup, lighting and sound design – all of these and more had to be in place before the first day of shooting.

Fun and Amusing Facts About The Commercial Shoot

The team all came together over several days to make some Zombie magic happen!
Part of the shoot took place inside a barn – where cast and crew befriended Timothy the Horse – one of the stars of the commercial!

Timothy The Horse

Darryl With Timothy

Each of our dedicated zombies spent an hour in the makeup chair undergoing their transformation into the Undead, and about 30 minutes to remove the prosthetics and makeup after the shoot.

The special effects scene with Darryl “The Hammer,” throwing an actual hammer took about six days to do that five-second shot! It was very complicated and involved using both a real hammer and a 3D model of a hammer we created.

The cast and crew almost had to cancel the shoot because of horrible weather – frigid winter temperatures and ice on the road. Thankfully by the time all got on the road at 3:45am, the ice was gone!

How Did the Cast and Crew Contribute?

If you’ve sat through the credits of a film, you know how long that list gets. Even for a short commercial like this, to get it done right, it takes a great team. Here were just some of the aspects of this commercial team.

  • Producer – oversaw the entire project from start to finish
  • Director of Photography – the chief of the camera crews, took the helm for all artistic and technical visual aspects of the shoot
  • 1st AD – the first assistant director is responsible for the health & safety of the cast and crew as well as making sure the vision of the director is getting implemented efficiently.
  • Assistant Producers – involved start to finish including marketing and distribution
  • Lighting Department – can’t just skip to “…camera, action” If it’s going to be seen, it needs to be lit correctly and artistically
  • Grip Department – involves a LOT, including production, rigging, construction and more
  • Production Assistants – help with each shot as it happens, herding the talent, helping with smooth operation
  • Special Effects – working with new technologies to make the magic happen
  • Makeup Artists & Wardrobe – Every person, zombie, and horse on that set undergoes transformation from these departments
  • Script Supervisor – Every word that makes it into the commercial must get approved and tracked

What Happened After The Shoot Was Wrapped?

Once filming finished, the post-production crew stepped in, working hard for several weeks to weave together editing and special effects, creating just the right story for both a 30-second and 60-second commercial.

If you missed the finished product, here it is one more time for you. The completed Zombie Super Bowl TV Commercial with attorney Darryl Isaacs, “The Hammer.”

What was your favorite part of the commercial? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out using the form above on this page or through any of our social media platforms listed here.

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