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Tire tread separation is a dangerous condition where the tread of a tire separates from the body of the tire and causes a blowout. Separation of the tire tread is especially dangerous in big commercial trucks where a blowout can be disastrous.

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What Is Tire Separation?

Despite danger of serious accidents caused by blowouts, trucking companies and truckers commonly retread a worn out tire instead of replacing it because commercial truck tires are expensive.

Retreading is the main cause of blowouts for big trucks. Retreading means to put new tread on an old tire and continue to use that tire. This dangerous practice has been outlawed in some states but remains legal in others. Retreading will continue to be legal until the accident toll rises to the point where the federal government steps in and bans the practice.

Tire Blowout Accident Lawyers

Other Causes of Commercial Trucking Tire Blowouts

Other causes of blowouts include:

and a multitude of other reasons. Some of the causes are beyond anybody’s control, but many could have been prevented.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Recalls

The NHTSA issues recalls on defective tires, but it is the truck owner’s responsibility to go online regularly and check the list of recalled tires posted on the NHTSA website. If a trucker or trucking company chooses to ignore NHTSA tire recalls, that trucker or company is negligent and hence liable for injuries and damages if a blowout accident results.

If a trucker or company chooses to cut corners where safety issues are concerned, they are endangering everybody on the road. At Isaacs & Isaacs, we realize that one way to force the trucking industry to take responsibility for the injuries and deaths caused by these terrible accidents is to make it far more expensive to ignore safe trucking practices.

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We believe many of these terrible accidents can be prevented with better safety practices and more accountability. Help us to hold trucking companies and truckers accountable. We promise that we will do our best to find out what really happened and to get you the money you deserve and need to recover.

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The sooner you contact us after your accident, the faster we can begin to investigate the tire blowout cause and determine who is liable. If necessary, we will file a lawsuit and demand production of company records that will show how often safety inspections were conducted. We will subpoena employees to find out whether somebody checked the NHTSA tire recall list regularly. We will also review driver logs and the black box recording on the truck.

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