Monsanto’s Roundup Causes Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma & Other Cancers


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If you or a family member has suffered non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or another form of cancer after exposure to Roundup weedkiller, contact us now.

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RoundUp Monsanto LawyersMonsanto has suppressed scientific studies that show how dangerous their toxic herbicide can be for over 40 years as scientific evidence mounts amid growing alarm. Victims who trusted Monsanto’s claims that their herbicide is safe to use now have non-Hodgkins lymphoma and other cancers.Isaacs & Isaacs attorneys for defective products will help you to demand justice and fair compensation for your pain and suffering. Call us now at 502-822-5758 or fill out our form for a no-obligation claim evaluation with a dedicated and aggressive Isaacs & Isaacs toxic tort attorney. We are here for you 24/7.

As studies reveal the cause of their illness, victims have filed lawsuits across the country seeking to recover damages. Litigants are also fighting to stop Monsanto’s decades-long campaign of misinformation from claiming more victims.

People Who Trusted Monsanto’s Fraudulent Claims Are Sick and Dying

Ever since Monsanto introduced Roundup in the 1970s it has claimed that the product is safe to use and will not harm people or the environment. Monsanto has worked hard to discredit any scientific studies which prove that their claims regarding Roundup herbicide are false. However, as worldwide use of Roundup skyrocketed after the marketing of Roundup ready seeds, agricultural workers and others who are regularly exposed to Roundup started getting sick.

People who trusted the superior knowledge and expertise of Monsanto used the weedkiller daily, even after they were diagnosed with cancer. Regular people who are not scientists had no idea that their sickness was connected to Roundup exposure. However, mounting evidence that the herbicide is carcinogenic caused a scientific outcry and worldwide publicity.
Non-Hodgkins's Lymphoma Lawyer

Prepare Your Glyphosate Poisoning Lawsuit Against Monsanto In All 50 States

Cancer victims or their survivors have filed lawsuits across the country as the mystery of how they got sick is solved by independent scientific studies. Along with providing victims with a way to recover financial damages, the lawsuits are demanding punitive damages for Monsanto’s reckless, willful and wanton misconduct. An award of punitive damages is meant to punish and dissuade bad companies from continuing to act lawlessly. Because an award of punitive damages is meant to punish they can be high.

Isaacs & Isaacs Roundup Lawsuit Attorneys Fighting Monsanto & Dangerous Companies

In the decades since we opened our doors, Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury law firm has consistently fought for justice for regular people who have been injured by big companies. We have a 99 percent success rate in demanding fair and just compensation for injury victims. We are adamantly opposed to big companies who use their power to bully and injure in order to make higher profits. We have the resources and experience necessary to successfully litigate your glyphosate cancer claim against Monsanto, and we will demand every penny of just compensation you deserve including punitive damages.


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You don’t have to have any money to enlist our help. We will litigate your claim on a contingency fee basis. At Isaacs & Isaacs we don’t believe you should have to pay to obtain justice. If regular hard working people had to pay for justice Monsanto and other bad companies could continue to do whatever they want. At Isaacs & Isaacs we have the resources necessary to litigate against Monsanto and win. Together we can stop Monsanto from ruining our planet.

Let our experienced and aggressive defective product attorneys help you to hold Monsanto accountable for the injury they have caused you and your family. Call 502-822-5758 or fill out our form for a free consultation and evaluation of your injury claim with a compassionate yet aggressive Isaacs & Isaacs toxic tort attorney.


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