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Premises Liability means the duty that a landowner or occupier (tenant or lessee) owes to others to keep the premises safe so that nobody gets hurt while on the property. In discussing premises liability, we will call landowners and occupier owners. Duty of care is higher, lower or non-existent depending on why you are on the property but generally falls into these categories:

  • Invitee: You invited somebody onto your property, maybe for business purposes. Owners owe the highest duty of care to invitees.
  • Licensee: Somebody you allow to be on your property. Owners owe a duty of care.
  • Trespasser: Somebody who isn’t supposed to be on the property. Owners owe no duty of care, unless the trespasser is a child and there is an attractive nuisance such as an unfenced swimming pool on the property and in plain view.

If the property needs repair or is in a dangerous condition or if there’s a danger on the property, the responsible party must either fix it or warn others of the danger. An example would be if somebody mops a floor in a public place during hours of operation. That person is required to put up signs to warn people of the hazard the wet floor poses.

Premises liability law is complicated, and the rules are different in different states. It is always good to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney in order to understand your situation.

Premises Liability in Slip & Fall Accidents in IN, OH & KY

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Premises Liability Coverage

Property owners and businesses are required to carry insurance coverage, so in the event of an accident, the person who is injured will be compensated for all their losses and be made whole again. But insurance coverage may not be adequate to reimburse victims who sustain serious injuries that often require time off work, prolonged medical treatments, and could even leave them permanently disabled. Falling accidents can be especially serious if the victim is elderly or already has a physical condition which makes them vulnerable.

Another huge problem is that the liable party’s insurance company will do everything they can to reduce the amount of compensation they have to pay an injured victim. Sometimes they settle without arguing and call these settlements, “nuisance settlements.” Nothing could make you a bigger nuisance to an insurance company than to have an experienced premises liability lawyer on your side.

Call Isaacs & Isaacs Without Delay

There’s a deadline for filing a case or claim, and if you miss this important deadline without taking action, you could be barred from receiving any compensation to help you through this difficult time. From the moment the accident happens, the clock starts ticking to file your case or claim.

Evidence is often lost or altered. A party who is liable for your injury could make the repair then deny there was a danger. Witnesses could forget what happened. If at all possible, you should call an Isaacs & Isaacs personal injury lawyer from the accident scene.

Premises liability cases can be complicated. There could be more than one party liable for your injuries. Your attorney will begin investigating your accident the moment you call to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages

Because we’ve seen so many of these injuries, we know that sometimes victims are out of work for extended periods or may never be able to return to their former occupations. Treatment may include multiple surgeries and prolonged physical therapy. In order to recover just compensation to reimburse you for all your losses, you need an attorney experienced in liability law to protect your interests against the insurance company and all liable parties.

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