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What Types of Accidents Are Known as a Trip and Fall?

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There are many ways people can fall and suffer a serious injury. Sometimes an individual falls because of a medical problem, such as fainting or a dizzy spell. People sometimes lose their balance while moving. In many cases, an individual falls because there was something out of the ordinary or hazardous in their path that they could not have foreseen and avoided.

When a property or business owner should have removed the obstacle, fixed the hazardous condition or at least warned people about it and didn’t, that person and perhaps others may be held liable for any accidents and injuries that result from their negligence. Common mishaps that result in a fall can be categorized.

Types of Trip, Slip and Fall Accidents in IN, OH and KY

Trip and Fall Hazards

There are infinite ways that people can fall unexpectedly. Here are some common categories of preventable accidents.

Stump and Fall. You stumble over an impediment in your path. For example, you trip over an uneven carpet while walking through a restaurant. In this situation, the restaurant owner and employees would be responsible for making sure the floor is safe to walk on during business hours.

Step and Fall. You fall after stepping into a hole in your path. For example, you are walking up steps to knock on somebody’s front door when a step gives way and you fall. In this situation, the homeowner would be responsible for fixing the step or posting a sign, warning others of the dangerous step.

Slip and Fall. Your foot doesn’t connect solidly with the surface of the floor because of a slippery substance. For example, somebody spilled a bottle of oil on the floor at the grocery market and you slip on it. Many times, stores are understaffed because the company is trying to save money. If understaffing means that a spill remains long after it happens and someone is injured, the store is liable. Timeliness is important in a premises liability case.

Sometimes the solvent used to clean the floor can build up an invisible, slippery residue. In these cases, everybody in the store is in danger of having an accident.

Trip and Fall. There’s an object in your path that shouldn’t be there. For example, a groundskeeper leaves a trowel lying in a garden path and you trip over it. In this scenario, liability would depend on who was responsible for the groundskeeper’s actions and the safe condition of the grounds. Was it a public or private garden? Was the groundskeeper employed by a landscaping company, privately employed or an independent contractor?

The above examples by no means represent all the ways somebody could have an accident due to a trip, slip and fall, which can result in a serious injury. In all the above examples and countless other situations, someone was responsible for keeping an area safe. If the responsible person could not fix the problem right away, he or she should have warned others of a potential hazard. When negligence results in another person falling and being injured, there’s liability.

Slip, Trip and Fall Lawsuit Settlements

The legal theory behind negligence is that whoever was responsible for the hazard that caused injury to another is responsible for making the injured party whole again. Determining who is liable for your injury can be complicated. The sooner you contact an experienced trip and fall lawyer the better chance your attorney will have to:

  • investigate the accident,
  • interview witnesses,
  • determine liability,
  • analyze the facts, and
  • investigate insurance coverage.


In situations where there’s grave injury or death, insurance may not cover all of the damages caused by the accident. In order to be fully compensated, you will need to contact an experienced Isaacs & Isaacs premises liability lawyer as soon as possible after your accident before

  • evidence disappears,
  • witnesses forget what they saw, or
  • the deadline for filing your action expires.

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