If you’ve been navigating our truck accident portal you’ve probably come across a post that includes ten things you could do after a truck accident. In case you missed, or if you’re only following us through your blog RSS feed here is this list, and here is a link to the full list on what to do after a truck accident. If you’re reading this on social, leave us a comment and give us your feed back! What would you add, change or remove from this list?

Here is the list(Summarized):

1. Stay At The Crash Scene
2. Call 9-1-1 For Help
3. Check For Injuries If Possible
4. Take Photos, Videos & Audio for Evidence
5. Exchange Information With Other Drivers
6. Don’t Make Any Statements About The Crash
7. Get Your Case Reviewed By a Lawyer
8. Follow Doctor and Medical Orders
9. Report Accident To Police and DMV
10. Keep an Accident Checklist in All Vehicles

Feel free to share this list on your website or however you would like to. We hope it helps those folks who are in an accident involving a truck.

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