Failure to Yield Semi-Truck Accidents Are Commonplace

Accidents due to failure-to-yield mistakes are common. The truck accident law firm of Isaacs & Isaacs know the trauma this can bring and the devastation of financial loss. We fight hard for our clients and have won over $1 Billion in settlements in negligence cases. We serve clients injured in wrecks involving trucks.

It is important to act as quickly as possible after an accident since:

  • Evidence can be lost
  • Deadlines can be missed
  • Witness memory of the incident may fade

Call us when an accident happens at 800-800-8888, so we can promptly schedule a free consultation. Making that call lets you begin to take things into your control once again.

What is Failure-to-Yield?

Failure to yield happens under different circumstances, but one thing is shared: the truck driver fails to obey the rules of the road. These basic rules are there to keep motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians safe and are the duty of care a trucker owes others.

This negligence is able to be used to establish cause. Our attorneys at Isaacs & Isaacs will show how this ended in injury to a victim and resulted in financial loss.

Where Does Failure to Yield Occur?

Failure to yield occurs most commonly at intersections, but it can occur when a big truck is pulling out of a parking area into traffic or changing lanes. In all cases, the trucker is obligated to adequately judge the time and space needed.

Sometimes this effort is simply ignored, figuring that motorists will slow down. In other cases, the trucker may not be properly trained or experienced to make this decision.

What To Do After a Truck Accident – A Conversation With Darryl Isaacs

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Teaming Up With an Aggressive Truck Accident Law Firm

Call Isaacs & Isaacs if you have been injured by a trucker who failed to yield. We will promptly set up a free consultation and review your case as well as answering any questions you may have. You can reach us at 800-800-8888 anytime day or night. Get started on the road to recovery!