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Darryl Isaacs — popularly known as “The Hammer” — and the team at Isaacs & Isaacs handle Illinois cases where car accident victims, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists have been injured in a crash involving a large big rig truck, 18-wheeler, city or private bus, as well as other commercial vehicles.

Some of the many truck crash cases we handle involve:

Don’t see the commercial vehicle you’re looking for? Don’t worry, our Illinois truck crash law firm handles them all!

Top Reason For a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Illinois: Negligence

Semi-truck accidents are not like other accidents. Illinois has reported having nearly 20,000 big truck crashes each year. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s reporting on big truck collisions, “The majority of the fatalities and non-fatal injuries that occurred in crashes involving large trucks were among occupants—drivers and passengers—of the other vehicle(s) involved in these crashes, not among occupants of the large trucks themselves.”

If you’ve been hit by a big rig, bus, or commercial vehicle in Illinois, an injury lawsuit may be necessary to protect yourself and your family. There’s a strong chance the crash was due to negligence on the part of the truck and / or trucking company.

The basic understanding of negligence used by big rig accident lawyers means that the truck driver needed to use reasonable care while driving, failed to live up to that standard, and injuries occurred as a result.

Negligence cases our Illinois truck accident law firm handles might include:

A Conversation About Big Rig Collisions With an Illinois Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Illinois truck accident attorney Darryl Isaacs took time to address questions for those who have been involved in a wreck involving big rig trucks or other large commercial vehicles. Listen to this audio episode exploring your next safety & legal steps after a truck crash. Play the podcast below.

Next Steps With a Illinois Truck Accident Law Firm

TTLA-membership-seal-150×150The truck crash team at Isaacs & Isaacs will get started immediately to protect your claim from trucking companies and their insurance agents before critical evidence disappears. After a collision with a semi-truck, the first focus is taking care of yourself and your loved ones.

Our job as Illinois truck accident lawyers is to step in and navigate every action necessary to restore your justice and recover the money damages you deserve — that could mean for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and other relevant compensation.

When we take on your case, we will conduct many of these essential steps for you and your loved ones:

  • Order the Police Report
  • Full investigation of the accident scene
  • Interview eyewitnesses
  • Obtain driver records from the trucking company
  • Gather and preserve all evidence
  • Stand up and deal with the trucker's insurance company
  • Review and obtain benefits information from your own insurance company, such as health, disability and accident benefits
  • File an official legal complaint and lawsuit before reaching the deadline for your case
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company involved or take them to trial

Although we cannot undo the collision, we can and will fight to make injured victims “whole” again in the eyes of the law. Our experienced Illinois commercial vehicle accident lawyers are ready to hear your important story. We’ll dive into the details and provide a free case review so that all injured parties involved (or family representing them) can feel solid and confident before we get to any important decisions.

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Winning Compensation With A Illinois Truck Crash Lawyer

When you’ve been involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler in Illinois, be aware that trucking companies and their insurers may show up at the scene of the crash or soon after. Many attempt to get eyewitness accounts that are misleading. Their job is to save money by trying to prove that you were at least 50 percent at fault.

That’s because Illinois operates on the legal insurance principles of “modified comparative negligence.” If they can get you to admit you were significantly at fault for the collision, then you may miss out collecting the damages you deserve.

The truck accident attorneys at Isaacs & Isaacs know what these insurance companies are up to, and we are are determined to help you get your life back on track. Call upon us to guide you through the complex legal principles involved in Illinois truck accident lawsuits.

    Illinois Truck Accident Law Firm With a $1 Billion Record

    Darryl Isaacs — The Hammer — and the Illinois truck crash team at Isaacs & Isaacs have been fighting for injured victims for over 25 years. Our top priority is justice for big rig and tractor trailer accident victims across the the great state of Illinois and around the country. In Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio alone we have recovered over $1 billion for our clients. Let us bear the court costs of litigation and represent you using the contingency fee model. That means you don’t pay anything until we win or settle your case.
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    Your next step: Get a free case review from our truck crash attorneys so we can hear your story and build your strategy. Our Illinois truck accident lawyers serve clients throughout most of the USA. To speak with one of our experienced truck crash lawyers and get feedback on your claim, give us a call 24/7 days at 800-444-8888 or fill out the contact form on this page.