Content Spillage Can Cause Harrowing Truck Accidents

Spillage of contents onto the roadway is a problem particularly found with tanker trucks. If you have been injured in such an accident, call the truck accident legal team of Isaacs & Isaacs at 800-800-8888 today. Our experienced truck accident attorneys are available 24/7 and will answer your questions after they review your case.

It is important that you call as soon as possible after an accident since:

  • Evidence may disappear
  • Witnesses may forget
  • The deadline to file may pass after which your case will not be heard

Tanker Truck Problems

Tanker trucks often carry hazardous materials, chemicals and fuel. If the truck is not filled to capacity, a phenomenon called sloshing can occur. This can and does result in rollover. The contents can leak or spill from the tanker truck onto the highway.

Reefer Trucks Can Cause Complicated Collisions

The weight of a large semi-truck can grow even more when it has a cooling system involved. A reefer truck — short for a refrigerated truck — has a cooling system built into it, carrying a load that must stay cool throughout its journey. Truck drivers must use extra care to make sure this cargo is loaded correctly and that the systems used to cool the freight don’t interfere with safety on the roads. When a truck driver or company doesn’t pay attention to the requirements for loading these types of vehicles, an accident caused by spilling of contents can occur.

Dangers of Spilled Tanker Truck Contents

While all types of contents can spill from trucks, some of the most dangerous are liquids such as fuel and chemicals. Liquids produce a slippery surface. Chemicals can produce chemical burns to anyone who touches them. Fuel can cause an explosion.

Injuries Produced by Content Spillage

The injuries are consistent with the type of contents the truck is hauling. Chemicals and fuel can produce significant burns that require long periods of rehabilitation and hospitalization. If radioactive substances are involved, danger of exposure can hurt motorists as well as residents that live in the area.

Experience Counts

Drivers need to train to drive tanker trucks. Maintaining control is complex if sloshing occurs. In such situations training and experience are essential. This is the duty of the trucking company and if an accident happens due to lack of training, the victim can file a claim against both the trucker and the trucking company.

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Contacting a Truck Accident Law Firm

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