Hurt by a Moving Van? Call Isaacs & Isaacs

The law firm of Isaacs & Isaacs understands how unexpected moving van accidents are. Yet, such accidents are common across the U.S.A. The attorneys of Isaacs & Isaacs will fight for you as they have for other clients, winning over $700 million in settlements.

It is important to call 800-800-8888 as soon as possible after an accident since:

  • Evidence might be lost
  • Witnesses might forget
  • The statute of limitation deadline may be exceeded
  • Reasons Moving Truck Accidents Happen

There are many reasons moving van accidents happen, including:

  • Failure to adequately train drivers
  • Improper maintenance of the moving van
  • Driver fatigue or distraction
  • Driver failure to obey the rules of the road
  • Who Is Responsible for Moving Van Accidents?

This depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. If the truck was rented from a moving truck company but the mover was driving the vehicle, the moving company is probably not liable. However, if the renter was intoxicated when he or she picked up the truck or did not have insurance or a proper driver’s license, the moving company would have liability.

On the other hand, if the moving company provided a driver and the driver was negligent, resulting in an accident, the moving company holds responsibility. In addition, the company might be held liable not only for the financial loss others suffered in the accident but also the cost of any objects that were destroyed on the truck.

Isaacs & Isaacs Can Help

Isaacs & Isaacs has experience in determining fault in a moving van accident as well as deciding on the amount of loss. Call the firm today to schedule a free consultation to learn what we can do for you. We work on contingency, so we get paid when you are compensated for your loss.