Poorly Planned Truck Routes Cause Accidents. Call For Help!

Truck Accidents From Poorly Planned Routes

Poorly Planned Routes Cause Truck Accidents

Twenty-two percent of all truck accidents are due to the driver not having a planned route in advance, causing distraction. The attorneys at Isaacs & Isaacs are experienced in fighting the injustice of truck accidents that cause both significant physical injury and financial loss. Calling us quickly after the accidents helps avoid:

  • Missing the filing deadline
  • Keeps evidence from being lost
  • Makes witness memory less likely to be lost

Our firm has won over $700 million in negligence cases in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. We fight hard for our clients knowing that medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages take a monetary toll. Call us at 800-800-8888 24/7 to take the first step.

Why Are Routes Poorly Planned?

In a nutshell, this negligence is the result of time constraints. Drivers are forced to keep to a schedule, and taking time to rest or plan routes might interfere with that. Tanker truck drivers who haul hazardous waste are obligated to prove that they configured a planned route. When this is not done, it is negligent behavior and can be used in a lawsuit.Not having a planned route that works can be used in other types of truck accidents as well.

GPS Devices May Not Save the Day

Although the use of GPS devices has become popular, there are issues that might negate their benefits. For instance, GPS devices might not be able to show some rural or new routes. They might malfunction also. Both of these can lead to an accident if a pre-planned, manual route is not available. Since about 22 percent of all big rig accidents are due to the lack of a pre-planned route, not having one can have dire consequences.

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