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Rear-end accidents are the most common type of car wrecks with around 1.7 million occurring each year. These accidents, which cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year, are all the more deadly when the other vehicle is a big commercial truck.

Rear end semi-truck collisions require an experienced 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer who knows the law. We win or settle 99% of cases. Contact an experienced rear end truck accident attorney and let’s begin your claim.

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A commercial truck is several times bigger and heavier than most vehicles, and some carry hazardous materials. When another vehicle is rear-ended by a giant heavy truck, the damage depends on many factors, including how fast both vehicles are going. Rear-end collisions generally fall into 2 categories.

Rear End Truck Accident Attorneys

Type 1: The big truck hits you from behind. There could be several reasons for getting rammed from behind by a big truck. Some of these are:

According to a study done by the National Transportation Safety Board, these deadly rear-end crashes could be reduced by 80 percent if vehicle manufacturers were required to install collision avoidance technology. CAT warns of following too close to a vehicle and automatically brakes if the truck is getting dangerously close. If the trucker was distracted, this would help immensely because the CAT could call the truck driver’s attention to a pending accident and also begin braking the big truck, which takes longer to slow down and stop. It should be mandatory for commercial trucks to have all safety devices available, including CAT.

Type 2: You hit the truck from behind. This is the deadliest kind of rear-end crash with a commercial truck. These dangerous accidents, which often occur at night, are frequently caused by poorly maintained or inadequate lights on the commercial truck. Depending on how fast you and the truck are traveling (you going fast and the truck was stopped; you going faster than the truck), your vehicle can go under the truck either partially or all the way, resulting in serious, possibly disabling injuries or death to you and other occupants.

Another safety device that should greatly reduce rear-end collision injuries is truck underride guards. A truck underride guard stops the other vehicle from going under the truck’s rear-end when there’s a collision, resulting in the other vehicle and its occupants being crushed, mangled or beheaded.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards require trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds to have TUGs installed. Critics say the standards are too low and that there should also be guards on the sides and front of big trucks to prevent all deadly underride accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is currently considering strengthening safety equipment requirements for big, heavy trucks.

Justice and Compensation with a Rear End Truck Accident Attorney

If you rely on the trucking insurance company to offer you a fair settlement, you will be disappointed. Trucking insurance companies are in business to make money. From the moment they hear that an accident causing serious injuries and/or fatalities has occurred (and they will hear about it rapidly), they will work diligently to reduce the amount of money they have to pay out in claims.

Rear-end collision injuries are serious, especially if they involve a carriage underride. Victims who survive are often permanently disabled or face numerous surgeries and years of rehabilitation. Survivors may not be able to work, ever again.

In order to receive fair and just compensation for the grief and pain you are experiencing over the loss of a loved one, along with the loss of income that person provided, or to receive an adequate settlement amount to ensure that you will be protected financially as you recover from your injuries and start life over again, it is crucial that you contact a truck accident law firm as soon as you can after the rear-end accident. The truck insurance company is already working to reduce the amount of compensation it has to pay you, and you need an experienced rear end truck accident attorney for you to receive the money you need and deserve.

A Conversation With Darryl Isaacs About Trucking Collisions

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The experienced read-end truck accident attorneys at Isaacs & Isaacs understands that these horrific accidents happen day and night, with the deadly undercarriage accidents occurring most often after dark. This is why we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you call us for help, we can send a team of experienced accident scene investigators out to interview witnesses and recover evidence before it disappears or is altered. We can then start to build your case, and the stronger your case is, the more money we will demand on your behalf.

We understand that if you’ve been in a rear end crash with a big truck, you might be hurting for money. You don’t have to pay anything to enlist our help. We won’t get paid until and unless we get you your money.

We have recovered over $1 billion for our clients in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. We won’t rest until we get you every single dollar you need to heal and go forward. Call our rear end truck accident lawyers now at 800-800-8888, or fill out our online form for a free consultation with one of our experienced truck accident attorneys.