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Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys

Damages Due to Semi-truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents take a horrific toll on victims, and the attorneys at Isaacs & Isaacs know that and work hard, as they have for other clients across the U.S.A, to make sure that the compensation is what their clients need. In other cases, Isaacs & Isaacs has recovered over $700 million in settlements, and this determination is evident in the fight for the rights of truck crash victims. Call Isaacs & Isaacs at 800-800-8888 to set up a free consultation.

What Are Semi-trucks?

The semi-truck is a combination of a tractor and up to several trailers. Usually, the tractor hauls just one unit. In order to tie the semitrailers to the tractor, a fifth wheel hitch is used. The tractor has several axles, usually two or three. However, in order to haul heavy loads, this number may grow to four or five axles.

Cargo Trailers Carry the Load

The cargo part of the vehicle has eight wheels while the tractor portion has ten. The trailer has two axles. Long-haul vehicles are divided into triples (three trailers) with a maximum weight of 129,000 pounds. Doubles have two trailers with a maximum weight of up to 147,000 pounds.

Truck Weight Is a Key Factor in Injuries

The weight of a cargo truck is a key factor in the injuries that result. Most passenger vehicles weigh under 5,000 pounds. This puts them at a great disadvantage when a crash occurs.

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