Commercial Truck Steering Failure

Steering failure in a semi-truck or other large truck can have terrible consequences, particularly since a tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by steering failure in a large truck, you need help to receive proper compensation.

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Reasons why you should not wait to contact an attorney:

  • Accident witnesses may forget details, move or change phone numbers
  • When the statute of limitations expires, you cannot file
  • Evidence can be lost or disappear

Steering Failure Can Be Lack of Maintenance

Truckers are required to perform inspections and the owner operator or trucking company that owns the truck has to ensure that it is mechanically sound. In addition, hauling overly heavy loads for too long a period of time may cause damage to the steering. When steering fails due to lack of maintenance or other forms of negligence, the driver and perhaps the trucking company may be liable for damages caused by an accident.

Steering Failure Due to Manufacturer Defect

Mechanical failures by the manufacturer can be present in any part of a vehicle, including the steering. The defect may be present in the design, materials used or during the manufacturing process.

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Reaching Out to a Truck Crash Law Firm

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