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Isaacs & Isaacs truck accident lawyers have been helping victims of commercial trucking negligence for decades. Truck accidents and injuries caused by an unsecured trucking load require an experienced truck accident attorney who knows the law. We win or settle 99% of cases. Contact us now and let’s begin your claim.


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We understand how crucial proper cargo securement is to preventing deadly truck accidents. If you are injured by flying cargo from an improperly secured load, we will fight to get you the just compensation you deserve. We have a 99 percent success rate in demanding maximum damages for our clients in all 50 states.

Federal Law Governs Securing Cargo Onto Commercial Trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration gives detailed instructions on how to secure cargo onto a commercial truck. If cargo that isn’t properly secured and comes loose from a truck going down the highway, it can fly through the air and land with deadly force. This is why the FMCSA enacted strict rules to regulate commercial truck cargo security.

The rules govern how cargo is secured within a closed space in order to prevent the cargo from tipping or shifting within the truck. The FMCSA website provides detailed diagrams next to the rules showing exactly how the cargo should be tied down or otherwise rendered immobile in both flatbed trucks and closed cargo spaces.

Following Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) Regulations

Every operator of a semi-truck or commercial vehicle must pay attention to the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). This is the maximum weight allowed for a vehicle to carry cargo safely. This weight is usually designated by the manufacturer of the vehicle. It’s not only dangerous to ignore this, it’s often cause for a lawsuit.

What Can Happen If Cargo Isn’t Secured Properly?

According to the United States Department of Transportation, a piece of cargo weighing just 20 pounds that comes loose from a vehicle traveling at 55 miles an hour will strike with the force of half a ton. If cargo shifts within the truck, it can cause the truck to rollover, jackknife or otherwise lose control and result in a deadly accident.

Cargo securing systems are regulated by the weight and type of commercial truck and by the type of cargo being transported. CDL drivers must check the loads before a trip, 25 miles into a trip, and every time they stop for a break. All these rules and regulations are meant to prevent or reduce the accidents that occur frequently due to unsecured loads, but these deadly accidents continue to take a toll in lives lost or destroyed and billions of dollars of property damage each year. What will it take to force truckers and trucking companies to abide by the law?

Trucking companies and their insurers are not going to willingly admit to cargo securement issues that caused your horrific trucking accident. Trucking companies have been known to alter or falsify records in an attempt to hide wrongdoing and avoid liability. In order to find the truth, you will need an experienced truck accident attorney fighting for your rights.

A Conversation With Darryl Isaacs About Commercial Truck Collisions

Attorney Darryl Isaacs sat down to address questions for those who have been involved in a crash involving big rig trucks or other large commercial vehicles. Join us in this radio episode of “Ask The Hammer,” the podcast exploring the legal matters that matter most. Play the episode directly below.

Free Case Review with a Truck Accident Law Firm for Unsecured Loads

Isaacs & Isaacs truck accident lawyers will begin immediately to investigate the cause of your accident. We will do whatever is necessary, including filing a lawsuit to force the company and company employees to disclose the facts. We will demonstrate exactly what happened with accident reconstruction.

Mechanical failures by the manufacturer can be present in any part of a vehicle, including the steering. The defect may be present in the design, materials used or during the manufacturing process.

Chances are that when we build a strong case to prove the trucker and trucking company were negligent in securing cargo according to federal standards, they will want to settle your case for a fair and just amount rather than go to trial. Isaacs & Isaacs has recovered over $1 billion for our clients who have been injured from somebody’s negligence or wrongful act, and we will recover maximum compensation for you.

Trucking accidents happen day and night, and we are on call 24/7 to respond rapidly to your emergency. Call 800-800-8888 or fill out our online form to receive a free case evaluation and consultation with an experienced truck accident attorney.

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