We interviewed professional truckers to hear directly from them on the questions that prompt the most curiosity. Are you considering truck driving as a career? Perhaps you have a veteran perspective on the industry? Here’s our latest video episode of Straight From The Trucker.

In our video interviews with truck drivers, we asked:

What Is Your Biggest Pet Peeve as a Trucker?

How Truckers Perceive Other Drivers On the Road

There is always something smarter each of us can do on the road. This episode of Straight From the Trucker focuses on the biggest pet peeves that truckers wish to share with everyday motorists, who they like to refer to as four-wheel drivers (as opposed to the 18-wheelers they are usually handling).

These trucker tips from the pros focus on what motorists are doing to bring on the most agitated and annoyed responses from truck drivers. Why would you do that?! We all share the road, and hearing these perspectives adds to an all around smoother, and safer, driving environment.

Here were the most common answers we got from truckers for:
What is your biggest pet peeve when sharing the road with other motorists?

Lane Merging: Let’s clear this up
Lane Merging
If I’m on the truck lane and a car is merging in, they just stay right there. They can just get up and go. I wish they would just step on it and get in front of me. They’re just waiting for me like I have to slow down and lose my gearing… When we slow down, that means for you to take off and go. – Hector



Trucks are huge and cannot stop on a dime
Trucks are huge and cannot stop on a dime

Four-wheelers, cars and pickups cut through traffic and don’t give you enough stopping room. – Terry

Give the truckers some respect
Give the truckers some respect

When they flip me off when it’s not my fault. They think I did something wrong… I give them room to get in, and then they get pissed off. I have to slow down mine just to let them in and they flip me off because I didn’t let them in fast enough. What am I supposed to do? – Victor

Trucker pet peeves can be funny, but demand our attention

Catherine MacMillan, founder and editor at Smart Trucking, a site dedicated to truck drivers who are passionate about the industry, added her own frustrations with motorists and others that don’t always give truckers their due respect:

Trucker pet peeves
The trucker puts up with many issues that unfortunately can’t be changed. It just comes with the job.

Until a change begins to come from each of us sharing the road, trucker pet peeves will continue to find their way into the spotlight.

Have more to say about the trucking life?

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