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The causes of a truck accident may not be immediately obvious in the aftermath of a crash. When a trucker causes an accident by falling asleep, speeding, or intoxicated driving, often unrealistic schedules are to blame for the horrifying accident. 

Truckers are some of the most overworked people on the road. On top of having to haul upwards of 80,000 lbs across the country, they have to deal with bad weather and road conditions. Unfortunately, adding an unrealistic workload creates a powder keg set to ignite at any moment. 



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When an unrealistic driving schedule causes an accident, the results are almost always catastrophic. Victims of car accidents may be dealing with the stress of recovering from their injuries and struggling to get straight answers from the insurance company or trucking company.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you shouldn’t have to fight alone. 

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How Do Unrealistic Schedules Cause Truck Accidents?

There are many causes for truck accidents. It’s just as likely that a truck accident is caused by distracted driving or speeding. However, trucking companies may be negligent if they assign impossible delivery schedules

Drivers who are overly tired make mistakes. It’s that simple. In 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that 56 truck drivers were the cause of an accident with resulting fatalities because they fell asleep behind the wheel or were too fatigued to drive. While this number may not seem like a lot, that’s about one accident every week for a year, plus some.

Trucking Companies Can Create Unrealistic Schedules

Sometimes the fault is not with the trucker but with the trucking company. It’s common practice for trucking companies to set unrealistic pickup and delivery schedules. Unrealistic schedules force a driver to spend too much time on the road and pressure the trucker to speed up or drive aggressively to keep on schedule.

Driving Hours Are Regulated to Prevent Unrealistic Schedules

Although driving hours are regulated to prevent truck drivers from spending too much time behind the wheel, drivers do not always follow best practices. Unfortunately, falsifying driving logs or onboard recorders is fairly common. Without an experienced trucking lawyer, it can be difficult to root out any suspicious activity. 

Federal Regulations Prohibiting Unrealistic Schedules

Many people do not realize that there are federal regulations that restrict drivers from working these kinds of dangerous schedules. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has dictated that these regulations are to keep drivers from engaging in behavior like drowsy driving, speeding, or driving with aggression. 

Hours of Service (HOS) Regulations

Hours of Service Regulations are intended to cut down on the number of eighteen-wheelers that are driving dangerously. 

Here are the hours of service rules for trucks: 

  • Drivers must have at least 10 hours of rest before starting a shift 
  • A driver’s shift must only last 14 hours. After meeting this limit, a driver must rest for a 10-hour interval. The motor carrier may not require the driver to go beyond this threshold. 
  • Long haul drivers cannot drive if more than eight hours have gone by since their last time off duty or 30-minute break. Short-haul drivers have different regulations. 
  • Drivers and motor carriers may not drive after seven days or 60 hours of on-duty time or 70 hours in eight consecutive days. 

Despite these regulations, The Insurance for Highway Safety reports that many truckers do not abide by these rules.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate

The Electronic Logging Device mandate is a federal regulation requiring all trucks built after the year 2000 to use electronic logic devices (ELD). ELD units are connected to a truck’s diagnostic port that monitors data on the big rig’s driving time, movement, engine, and accumulated miles. These devices are sometimes compared to an airplane’s black box. 

Only certain types of trucks need to carry ELDs, however. Trucks built before the year 2000 may not have the necessary components to hook up the device. Additionally, trucks that operate within a 150-mile radius — or do not need a CDL — may not have an ELD.  


Can You Prove That Unrealistic Schedules Cause An 18 Wheeler Wreck?

Proving that a trucking company violated FMCSA regulations is difficult to do alone. While law enforcement can provide info about the truck’s docket and ELD data, it can be challenging to know what to do with the data. 

Hiring a truck accident lawyer for wrecks caused by unrealistic schedules is always a smart move. These lawyers can help you collect and leverage this information for your case. If the investigation shows that the trucking company forced the trucker to take on an unrealistic schedule, you may be able to seek damages. 

Every case is different. It’s important to get the ball rolling on your claim as soon as possible. That’s because:

  1. Witnesses can forget or move away
  2. The statute of limitation to file starts at the time of the accident
  3. Evidence can disappear or be mislaid over time

If you have been involved in an accident caused by a truck driver keeping an unrealistic schedule, don’t be surprised if the trucking company stonewalls you. Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer can help you get to the bottom of what happened to you. 

Seeking Justice For Your Accident With An Overworked Truck Driver

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After an overworked truck accident causes you pain and hardship, you need to get the ball moving on your case as soon as possible. Things move more smoothly when victims hire a lawyer who understands how to conduct a full investigation into what events led to their accident. 


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