A truck accident can feel like a waking nightmare. Your next steps are vital when you’ve been involved in a crash with a semi-truck, bus, tow-truck, tractor-trailer, dump truck, or another commercial vehicle. You will need to give full medical attention to your truck accident injuries, often while simultaneously pursuing legal action against a trucking company and insurers.

Because they are so stressful, many people act on instinct after an accident. While it may seem like common sense, the rules for a trucking accident are actually much different than you may realize. 

Finding the exact cause for a trucking accident requires an attorney who knows how to figure out what events led to your accident. The bottom line is: It is important to make sure someone is looking out for you.



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What Causes Truck Accidents?

It’s no secret that trucking accidents can be catastrophic and cause immense damage. The safety of the people you love — as well as your own safety — should be your first consideration after a truck accident. It is perfectly okay to do nothing while you wait for emergency services or first respondersKnowing what to do after a truck accident is never easy. 

These steps will help make sure you’re protected after a semi accident in Kentucky, Indiana, or Ohio:

Call The Police or 911 For Help

Trucking accidents can cause severe injury and property damage. It is important that you get full medical attention to your injuries. If you can, call emergency services right away by dialing 911. In most circumstances, this will also dispatch the police, who can help with gathering eyewitness accounts and creating a crash report.

Every state has different laws on accident reporting requirements. For example, in the state of Kentucky, you must report a crash to the State Police whenever injuries or death are involved or if property damage is $500 or more.

Stay At The Crash Scene

In some states, leaving the scene of an accident could constitute a hit and run. Remain at the scene until authorities and medical help have arrived. Move the car if needed for safety. But if possible, leave the vehicle in the position where it came to rest after the crash. This will give you the best chance to preserve the evidence of what caused the wreck and the damages and truck accident injuries resulting from it.

If Possible, Check For Injuries & Seek Immediate Medical Attention.

These accidents can often involve a semi-truck and several passenger vehicles. Give attention to your own immediate needs, but keep in mind that injuries and damage to other vehicles — or even to pedestrians — could exist and may require assistance as well. 

Even if you feel fine after an accident, there may be injuries that you don’t feel until after the initial shock of the accident wears off. Documenting your injuries with a medical professional can help establish the accident as the cause of your injury. 

Document The Crash Scene with Photos and Videos

If you are physically capable, it is important to document the crash site. The crash scene  provides the strongest opportunity to preserve the circumstances that led to the accident. Plus, this evidence can be used to prove driver negligence.

Take photos of the damage to all vehicles, snapshots of the intersections or significant landmarks, pay attention to skid marks, and any other details that tell the larger story of what happened.

A cell phone video may be your best form of evidence available since you can provide still images from this footage. Pay attention to the traffic patterns, weather conditions, and any other road hazard that may have caused the crash. Get the crash scene from multiple angles, so you get the whole story. 

As soon as possible, record an audio account of everything you remember. It might be dark, and you may not have a pen. Audio recordings or video narration can offer a very helpful and more thorough way to capture the events. 

Likewise, ask any eyewitnesses to record their recollections of the event. You can use your cellphone to make a video of the witness. Make sure you get reliable contact info for each eyewitness. 

Having this fresh record of the facts can be critical, as details tend to change or be forgotten with time. In some cases, truck crash lawsuits can take months — and beyond — to reach their conclusion. Keep these items safe for your records, and make backups. You may need to refer to them as you move forward with legal action.

Get Essential Contact Info For All Drivers and Witnesses

After a trucking accident, the more information you can get, the better. Ask each driver for the following information: 


After a trucking accident, the more information you can get, the better. Ask each driver for the following information: 

  • Legal name
  • Email address
  • Phone number 
  • License plate number
  • Each driver’s license number
  • Information about the Electronic Logging Device (if available)
  • Information about the trucking company
  • DOT Transportation serial number 
  • Insurance policy reference number
  • Insurance carrier or name of an insurance representative

Do not engage with hostile drivers. You can ask the police officer to help you procure this information. 

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Contact Your Insurance Company

When you report the truck crash to your insurance company, please remember that insurance companies – including your personal insurance one — are never your friend. Never sign anything without having a lawyer look at it first.

The sad truth is: the insurance company is usually not working in your best interests. They do not want to make any major settlements. They will do everything in their power to reduce your payout. You should consult with a truck accident attorney about what information to convey to insurance companies and other parties involved in a crash

Never Admit Fault or Take Blame

You’ve probably heard the advice, “Whatever you do, don’t say it was your fault.” There’s some wisdom to this. Maybe a witness saw the other driver texting, or a stoplight was not functioning correctly

Even if you sense that you had some responsibility for what occurred, it’s wise to take some time, ask all the appropriate questions, and ensure you are in a calm state of mind. That way, you can make a statement from a strong place, not in a moment of survival and vulnerability.

Follow All Doctor and Medical Orders & Keep Records

If you are dealing with truck accident injuries, a major goal in all of this is for you and your loved ones to really care for your health. This is important not just for you but for the defense attorneys on the other side that are watching to make sure you actually attend these appointments and are genuinely injured. 

Not following doctors’ advice could backfire on your claim of wrongdoing and might make it look like you’re not really that hurt. Keep records of all medical visits and payments. You very well may need to include these with the evidence for your case.

Keep An Accident Checklist in All Vehicles

If you’ve already been in a collision with a truck, you hold the difficult, but unique perspective of being able to help and warn others who might go through the same thing in the future. Keep a car crash checklist stored in the glove compartment of each vehicle in your family. A car crash checklist should be considered essential for new drivers and experienced drivers. It always makes sense to always be prepared for the unexpected.

Get Your Vehicle Appraised

Your car might appear to have only minor damage, but sometimes the damage is internal and not visible to the untrained eye. However, do NOT go straight to your neighborhood body shop and have your car repaired immediately.


Because the repair estimate needs to be part of your insurance claim, each insurance company has different requirements for what must be submitted in order to pay for your damages. Some have apps that require you to photograph each external side of the car; others require you to bring it to a body shop that’s on an approved list.

If roadside assistance is included with your insurance or you belong to a travel association that offers towing, have your vehicle transported to a local body shop, but make sure the shop won’t perform any work until you’ve cleared it with the insurance company. 

The body shop may charge your storage fees while they wait on the insurance company. Since the insurance company may try to delay your process, it is essential to get your compensation as soon as possible. 

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Driver negligence is one of the most common reasons for a truck accident. The important goal for most clients who have an injury from a truck accident typically involves restoring justice and obtaining the very best settlement or award of money. Reaching that goal requires a focused strategy.

It’s essential to have an experienced truck accident attorney on your side who knows how to fight the big insurance companies. These companies often pour huge sums of money into protecting their truckers. 

Get in touch with a lawyer who understands your needs. An experienced trucking lawyer will know how to handle your case. Many insurance companies will pay upwards of $1 million dollars to settle an accident. Do not miss the deadline for filing a truck accident lawsuit called the Statute of Limitations.

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Choosing to contact a truck accident attorney is one of the most important decisions you can make after an accident. It is likely that the insurance company is downplaying the severity of your accident. They may be giving you the runaround about your settlement. An experienced lawyer will understand how to move forward with your case. Having a trucking lawyer on your side can help you go toe-to-toe against the deep pockets of the insurance company. 

Unlike car accidents, truck accidents are much more complicated. Trucks must abide by strict regulations and maintenance schedules. Additionally, there are many more potential liabilities with a truck. You need a lawyer who will launch a full investigation into your claim. 


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